Only the Villainous Lord Wields the Power to Level Up

Ryuichi Hasegawa, the top player in a strategic medieval RPG, is granted a special “bonus” by the developer and reincarnated into the game world—not as the protagonist, but as the villainous lord Erhin Eintorian who dies in the prologue!

This means Erhin’s survival is a race against time, for his domain is set to be invaded by a hostile foreign power in just one day. In order to save himself, Erhin must use the leveling system that only he can access and his knowledge of the game to prepare his forces. The only hitch, of course, is that there’s no way a villainous lord left a functioning military at his disposal! Can Erhin forestall the tragic fate scripted for him, or is he doomed to play out his own demise?

Associated Names
I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up
Ore dake Level ga Agaru Sekai de Akutoku Ryoushu ni Natteita
Oredake LEVEL ga agaru sekaide Akutokuryousyu ni natteita.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen

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  • is there gonna be volume 5?

  • If a game with status/leveling system like this existed, no one would play it due to how badly thought out it is.

  • So just finished the first one. This is a personal opinion. Some people might not mind the things I’m about to say.

    1st. Zero detail on pretty much everything. The ranks and hierarchy in the army are confusing. He uses hundredman to describe a singular person, and multiple people. Also his use of tenman is similar. And it’s not that I can’t understand what each of those are. But in context of how the book is written, it is used inconsistently.

    2nd. SUPER lazy fights. The way he fights is by spamming the floating attack button. And as long as his MARTIAL is higher, his body automatically moves to kill his opponent. So the fight scenes are like a single paragraph.

    3rd. And most importantly, the status system is absolutely horrid. For instance.. MARTIAL is the stat used to measure his probability of winning. A person with MARTIAL 60 has no chance of beating a person with MARTIAL 80.

    But martial incapuslates spells also. The author writes, ” the magic circles mana was martial 99.” but spell casting and skills has its own progression. Also it costs level up points to use a skill. But not to use mana. And mana only grows through having excessive MARTIAL. None of it makes sense. And honestly it feels lazily done just like the fighting.

    He also breaks his own rules. Like one on one dual takes them to an alt reality where the two can duel. And then after 2 sentences, the other guys men transport into that world and the guy escapes. All with in 3 more sentences.

    • I think hundredman is pretty much an english version of centurion. A centurion commands a hundred men, a century. So, a hundredman commander supervises a hundredmen unit. You probably misunderstood due to how similar to two words are.

  • both link requested folder data

  • Volume 4 pretty please!

  • Could you please add volume 3, TIA

  • Sir, where’s volume 3?

  • Volume 3 is out. Please update. Thank you. 🙂

  • Imu-sama, haa volume 3 been released yey?

  • Feels more like a musou game rather than strategy honestly. It’s not terrible, but it could have been so much more.

  • I feel like I’ve read this before I just cant remember where and when or maybe I’ve just read similar premise, well anyways it doesn’t hurt to start over.

  • author CONSTANTLY forgets how their own system works and it makes me feel insane

  • The story is pretty cool but the writing is meh. Also there is too much plot armor making stuff way too easy for the mc (no money? No problem, somehow his family was able to save lots over generations instead of using it for the prosperity of their land they hid it in a secret treasury and just when needed the butler shows it to him). Because of that dire situations are turned 180 to no problem at all way too often. So lots of talk about struggle beforehand just for it to be a short walk in the park in the end. Verdict: 5/10.

    • Pfftt, The usual stuff with JP novels. I won’t even be surprised if when the MC got faced into dire situations, the author will just made up any random BS he found crawling in his mind to get him through.

      • I mean, okay, that is your opinion.

        Buuuut, dissing on “JP Novels” like that?
        “MC got faced into dire situations, the author will just made up any random BS he found crawling in his mind to get him through.”
        -> Did you see most Superhero-Movies in the last decade?

        -> Never mind that, for example, Tolkien or Martin do the same, but feed you a couple pages worth of previously unknown lore to justify the sudden plot-armor and gimmick to turn around the current issue.

        -> If you have to say something generally dissing like the above on a site like this, perhaps you should just read comics, western novels or something, really.

      • I assure you my man that what really happened at vol.4. The author introduced a super-duper ultra-thermonuclear-level underground magic circle out of nowhere that annihilated the invading forces of Naruya and the entirety of Eintorian territory. That ultimately led to the delay of the continuation of the Grand Invasion, and gave more time for Erhin and his crew to prepare in newly introduced strategic piece of land.

  • Imu-sama, has the new volume been released yet? Thx in advance

  • I think I read the WN along time ago, but it was rebooted and later droped.

    It’s pretty good. A little too convenient plot, but not everything goes his way. FMC was a blonde girl from another country, good thing she was a knight and not a useless pretty face.

    MC has some scheming side to him so 7~7,5 score.

  • Damn, this sucks hard. The writing is awful and convenient.

    • Lets see:

      MC gets spirited in game world, does panic around a bit, but just literally mans up and does stuff
      MC does NOT get love interest/finances within the first volume to STAY with him, nor does he do cringe/creep stuff with women
      MC does try out his powers, has clearly delineated mechanics to work with, and there is no ramp up for the plot so far, its pretty much on steroids.
      NPCs that the MC knows do not have sudden, brutal deaths/cringe shit happen to them randomly.

      -> Writing is decent or awful. Weird.

  • All in all, a surprisingly decent read. (Vol 1)

    Decent as in:
    The writing is okay
    There are women, but the MC does not have a harem or cross-eyed knight at his side by the end of the volume.
    The pacing is okay, plot goes between MC being competent enough and other characters having different motivations.

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