I May Be a Guild Receptionist, but I’ll Solo Any Boss to Clock Out on Time

TAKE A HAMMER TO OVERWORK! Alina Clover signed up to be a receptionist for the Adventurers Guildthinking it would be her ticket to the good life—stable pay, regular hours, and safe workplace conditions. Unfortunately, her dream gig turns into a nightmare of endless paperwork and overtime whenever the adventurers she helps coordinate get stuck clearing a dungeon. But people aren’t made to grind forever, so Alina sneaks off at night to give the monsters holding things up a beatdown, courtesy of her massive war hammer. Keeping this all under wraps to avoid violating her office’s ban on second jobs is difficult, especially when the tales of her exploits start to spread, but Alina somehow manages to keep her identity safe…until the leader of the strongest party in the guild catches her defeating a boss one fateful night! Does Alina have what it takes to stop her life from going topsy-turvy?!

Associated Names
I May Be a Guild Receptionist, but I’ll Solo Any Boss to Clock Out on Time

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

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Official Yen Press

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  • thank you for the comments..
    you’re really saving my time..

  • thanks to the other comments for the warning. creepy stalker is not a good love interest. too bad, this sounded like it could be interesting

    • There is no creepy stalking involved. The mc just says that because the ml hangs out around her like her office or when spotting her at town comes up to chat.

      • That sounds like a stalker to me, particularly the former, on top of the other comments.

        If the Mc clearly rejects them, especially politely and/or firmly and then someone still insists on bothering them so much like going to places Mc frequents to “coincidentally” meet each other or so, yeah, clear stalker mannerisms that goes beyond just trying to get along or so.

  • Oh yeah I can relate to you guys, the MC reject the dude like 100 times and he still come and anoy her, she literally oneshot something that his entire party of 3 cant leave a scatch and the guy keep insisted that she weak and need protection WTF?? Then everyone want she to go with him too the idea and the novel was so good until the guy show up

  • Really disturbing on how characters insist on pushing the MC towards her stalker. He’s even indirectly the cause of all her problems, so there’s no need to gratitude if he tries to help. It’s not cute, it’s uncomfortable.

  • I’ve only read up to chapter nine, which is about a fifth to a quarter of the book. I will return to this later once I’ve finished reading, if I ever get the desire to pick this up again.

    Overall, when I saw the title, I was expecting the usual isekai trash experience of someone who cluelessly arrives in a world they don’t understand, inadvertently becomes OP, proceeds to misunderstand a bunch of things and create a bunch of misunderstandings, and to have a lot of fun reading it.

    What I got instead if a girl who is overpowered for reasons unknown. Her motivations are flimsy and quite frankly you need to hit your head with a bag of rocks several times to understand her perspective because there is absolutely zero logic. My girl could just do a get rich quick run into a couple dungeons, collect millions of gold coins by selling junk relics and never have to work a day in her life, but instead she’s looking for stable work and just using her powers to solve her annoyances without even caring about money.

    It’s goofy, somewhat interesting, but it just falls flat on it’s face because I just can’t connect with the main character.

    Oh, as another comment stated, the one guy we encountered so far is the most annoying person ever, persisting despite the girl telling multiple time to leave her alone, even in the face of her threatening to kill him and straight up attacking up. My man just won’t give up and should probably be put in jail for harrassment and stalking.

    So far, very meh, and as usual, the author basically skipped the interesting part of the story, which would be how the heck did my girl get this strong and what could have possessed her to decide to become a guild receptionist when she has all of that power. Of course, we might be told all this later in the story, but I probably won’t get there because I am already very bored.

    • How she got strong and why she doesn’t want to work as an adventurer is well explained in Vol. 1… however not in the first few chapters…

      • Oh, I figured that was the case. But I really didn’t get hooked into reading this story. Still haven’t opened the book again since writing the comment.

    • Damn i haven’t read a chapter yet you speak this hard shit. It makes me hate this novel before ive even read it LOL. You can’t be that dickhead to be love interest. Wtf does the editor did, why the hell they didn’t stop author to make this bastard as love interest.

      I follow some female mc novel and they all have the proper male to be her partner, if not just make mc alone forever to make the story still interesting as it is. yuri route is a bit extreme but hell.. All yuri is mostly better in story than normal one. Maybe its my preference because i always use mc perspective when i read a story, imagining my girl with some random boy is kinda unsettling.

      • Jade is actually a really cool guy. He is just “fixated” on Alina because she is the only one “not interested” in him. So it’s kind of a role reversal for him.

        I also read some FMC novels and even some otome one’s and generally I hate the guys the FMC falls in love with because they’re as superficial as it can get. Pretty and maybe a good fighter but else just *blagh*. Every ordinary woman would dump them once she got to know them closer and the NRE wears off.

  • I come right out and say it. That stupid guy ruins literally everything as soon as he appears. I hate him so much. I liked the idea of her sneaking around and doing this impossible stuff just to get home on time and all and than this asshole had to appear.

    There are more or less two kinds of novels with strong female leads.
    One with an actually strong female lead who gives a fuck about idiots trying to mess with her and just does her thing.
    And the bad kind when some useless asshole male appears and ruins the whole story just by existing,

    Sadly this is the second kind. That ass just wants to turn her into his damsel and he literally doesn´t give a fuck about her feelings. She makes it clear that she hates him but that fucker just goes like fuck your oppinion I want you so you have to belong to me and of course because it´s a novel she isn´t just punching the living shit out of him turning the whole thing into one disgusting or frustrating situation after the other.

    • Thanks for telling! No, seriously, real thanks. Just reading your impression alone already gave me a scare.

      • The only problem is the FMC is an airhead, so basically like every other overpowered FMC in history. Else it was a quite decent read in my opinion.

        The male stalker MC is okay, he didn’t annoy me at all, he was a good fit. Because nobody else would have gotten close to her so you need such kind of guy as love interest.

        • why would you need a love interest at all is my question. In most Novels that crap ruins thw whole thing because its always forced and bullshit the same as it is here. That guy could hardly be more shit without actually becoming a criminal.

          • but hey I get where you are coming from she is a woman after all right? so she needs some piece of shit male that can turn her into her little breeding sow so she can take her place in the world as a good woman and give that asshole some children.
            That asshole is an antifeministic piece of garbage and she is free to choose when and if she wants a partner of any kind. Going on like she needs a romantic interest so that disgusting stalker who doesn´t give a fuck about her feelings is the perfect fit. It´s seriously disgusting man.

          • your worldview was questionable where you see every little thing as attacking feminism, therefore i think you should kill yourself

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