Back to the Battlefield – The Veteran Heroes Return to the Fray!

The century-long war with demons was finally brought to a close by seven young heroes who slew the demon lord, routed the demon army, and ultimately led humanity to victory. The heroes then went their separate ways, and the land has been at peace for twenty-five long years…until now.

Alan Granger, a former hero, enjoys a quiet life as a commander in the Royal Knights until the day he receives a report that shakes him to his core: the demon army has returned! He immediately knows what he must do—gather his old compatriots and face the demon army once again. But Alan and his friends are now all in their forties, while the demons are more powerful than ever. Do these veteran heroes have what it takes to leap back onto the battlefield and save the world a second time?

Genre –
Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3

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Comments 2

  • This is basically Kings of the Wyld from nicholas eames, but Japanese version and less good

  • As of Vol 1

    Decent writing.
    Characters are characters for the most part.

    No idea bout how “everyone survives” or “doom, death and tragedy abound” this LN will be, since its not really that clear from things happening in Vol 1.

    The premises of aged high-powered heroes and a peace-softened humanity as well as the high-powered heroes having diverging personalities are interesting, but how well it plays out remains to be seen.

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