The Crown of Rutile Quartz

Slaine is a humble, provincial commoner in the small Kingdom of Hasenvalia… Or so he thinks until the day the entire royal family is wiped out in a palace fire and Slaine comes to learn he’s really the king’s illegitimate son. It now falls on him to succeed the throne.

Despite his lack of knowledge and experience, Slaine’s natural wits and dedication—plus the support of his aide-de-camp, Monica—allow him to excel against all odds. Between unsupportive nobles at home and hostile rulers abroad, Slaine already has his work cut out for him—and then, on the eve of his coronation, the great Empire of Galed declares war against Hasenvalia. Faced with such a frighteningly powerful foe, Slaine is forced to make a choice between fleeing into political exile or resisting invasion to the bitter end.

Caught between the conflicting agendas of neighboring nations, this boy from a backwater town must learn how to grow into his crown. Witness the birth of a king!

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Comments 3

  • Decent read. Well written. Good to have non isekai protag who actually get into relationship without unnecessary misunderstanding (though it kinda side lined and the details are left on side story, Damn) and the MC also really worked hard for self improvement, no cheat bullshit.

    The only bad thing from this novel is that it doesn’t have anything that would make it stood up from other novel, at least for now.

  • It is a good 8 out of 10.
    The writing is quite decent, the characters have actual characteristics, and the plot is mostly okay.

    My most unfavorable items are the way the royal family (and all other potential heirs with royal blood) died; The accident (if it was one) is more of a bad monty python sketch than anything probable, if it turns out to be some sort of assassination it would be actually better.

    The other items are the novel ideas of the MC;
    While it is historically accurate that a smattering of small countries (left overs from a large unified nation breaking up) actually experience a painful slowing of trade, history and development, the MC´s ideas are so out of the box, they belong in a bigger box.

    Nonetheless, the MC´s maturing and actual character is nice to read about, the ideas are not outlandish, and completely unexpected is that the MC is NOT some reincarnated/isekai dude.

    As already said, the writing is pretty much decent and the plot progression seems so far to be a good mix of drama and development, with a enjoyable lack of “AND THEN THEY ALL GOT POISONED AND DIED” type of storytelling.

    In addition, the illustrations are made by the same artist(s) as those in the LN “D-Genesis”, and look pretty dope.

  • very good novel, Hopefully it won’t be too long until the next volume!!
    in this work there will be
    -protagonist who evolves and matures
    -a low fantasy story with scifi elements that have not yet been presented in this first volume
    -a story that is not edgy and dark but also not childish, it is a mature narrative
    -a little bit of kingdom management and battle strategy
    -the art of illustrations is very beautiful
    -Monica a tall muscle mommy waifu ready to crush your balls… kiding, but she is a tall waifu with good personality

    curious for the next volume, because this first one is a volume about a character learning to be a king, it presented development in one volume worthy of 10 in other novels!

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