From Old Country Bumpkin to Master Swordsman: My Hotshot Disciples Are All Grown Up Now, and They Won’t Leave Me Alone

Beryl Gardinant, a self-proclaimed “humble old man,” is a sword instructor at his dojo in a rural, backwater village. In his younger years, he dreamed of glory as a master swordsman, but those days are long behind him. Out of the blue, he receives a visit from a famous former pupil who brings him world-shattering news—he’s been appointed as a special instructor for the knights of the Liberion Order! With his life now turned upside down, Beryl travels to the capital and reunites with some of his former students: elite knights, an ace wizard, and even an adventurer who’s attained the highest guild rank possible. But why do they all want his tutelage?! As far as he’s concerned, they clearly don’t need him anymore. Can Beryl live up to his new position? And will he ever get a moment’s peace away from his adoring students?!

Associated Names
An Old Man from the Countryside Becomes a Swords Saint: I Was Just a Rural Sword Teacher, But My Successful Students Won’t Leave Me Alone!
Katainaka no Ossan, Ken Hijiri ni Naru Tada no Inaka no Kenjutsu Shihan Datta Noni, Taiseishita Deshitachi ga ore o Hanattekurenai Ken

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

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Comments 7

  • Waiting for volume 2

  • Vol 2 when ?

    Now that i’m also an old man , this kind of thing has interested me the most . Hoping for more volume in the future

  • Why there’s a Harem tag in it? Yes there is usually only 1 guy and more than 1 women but their relationship are like master-disciple relationship. Even if somehow the story become full blown harem with romance inside it, it’s gonna be really really weird because of their age gap.

    • Eh? The age gap is at most 20 years between most of them. That’s NOTHING compared to a lot of other Harem protagonists

      Hajime Nagumo has 2 wives that are 300-500+ years older than him
      Kelvin Celsius has 2 girlfriends that are AT LEAST 600 years older than him

      I think it’s more the fact that since he actually looks middle aged, you find it weird. If he were 40 but looked as young as them, I get the feeling you wouldn’t find it “weird”

  • I wait for this. thank you!!!

  • I’m surprised this has a LN. I read a fair bit of the WN and I thought it was the equivalent of eating junk food, doesn’t taste bad but not enough substance. I may be being too harsh bc the translation was a bit lacking. In any case I didn’t vibe with the WN

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