I Only Have Six Months to Live, So I’m Gonna Break the Curse with Light Magic or Die Trying

Prince Callus was born with a mortal curse that marks him as a Taboo Being. His days are numbered, and he’s been told the last six months of his life will be nothing but bedridden suffering. This grim future haunts him…until he meets Gourley, who can wield light magic. Callus becomes the magician’s apprentice in hopes that this legendary power might dispel his curse if he can manage to master it in the time he has left. He has immense magical energy and the rare ability to see spirits on his side, after all, not to mention friends and family who are there to support him every step of the way. And so Callus stakes his life on this mission… It’s time to learn light magic or die trying!

Associated Names
Cursed Prince’s Cure
I Was Cursed And Only Have Half A Year To Live, So I Started Learning Light Magic To Prevent My Death. Turns Out That My Cursed Body Has Unlimited Magic ~The Story Of How The Cursed Prince Is Cured~

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, School Life

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  • …Still waiting for vol 2 update 🙂

  • I’ve gotten about halfway trough the first volume. The things that make this story unappealing are starting to add up. It’s a bit slapdash, boring and the magic system is just bad.

    It starts off with a rather typical isekai setup where we have a kid that is bedridden because of a curse but because of him getting close to death constantly his MP amount gets boosted a lot (no explanation how that is supposed to work). Quite reminiscent of ascendance of a bookworm. Only the thing is this ISN’T an isekai. Which makes this whole situation rather boring. Makes you wonder if it was originally intended as an isekai but then, nope.

    The magical system and what makes it bad.
    – The need for spoken words to activate magic.
    – It’s a system of borrowed magic.
    – It’s element centric / relies on ‘aptitude’ mostly.

    So how it works; people have MP (not something that gets accurately quantified btw). This MP then serves as food for spirits (they’re like parasites who won’t allow other parasites so you’re stuck with one kind of magic) who then enable the actual magic. For some incomprehensible reason these spirits have to be addressed in some ancient language but here it comes they are mind readers so that makes 0 sense. And on top of that people (except for the mc) can’t see/hear spirits let alone have any sort of 2 way communication. Then once the magic is activated so ‘MP » sperit » magic’ then turns into some weird dual control situation like two people operating the same RC car. What a mess.

    There are also some really dumb bits here and there. So people in that world generally don’t believe in spirits. But the mc’s master does. Guess what he bases that on, some 1500y old murals. When the guy was explaining his beliefs I was like kid don’t just believe anything you’re told this sounds like such a bunch of BS. Imagine my disappointment when the BS turned out to be correct. What a missed opportunity for making the story less boring with a mc that figures out that that’s a load of bull and then hits upon how it really is and in doing so manages incredible stuff.

    Some more dumb bits during the wyvern incident. The wyvern is defeated, still alive but unmoving laying on the ground, apparently the wyvern was defeated to easily according to the master that let his 10y old student face it alone which took all he got, so yeah why the hell would you stand back if wyverns are supposed to be much stronger!? But that isn’t even the part I was referring to. No the master now inspects the wyvern and noticed something at the base of it’s wing but he can’t see it clearly because the guy is apparently nearsighted. At that point I was thinking so they have light switches but no glasses. The apprentice (mc) than goes in to have a closer look and discovers an arrow stuck in there. Here comes the kicker; the master takes out his glasses and goes oh yeah. Wot now he puts on glasses wot!? How dumb. But there is more. The apprentice decides to help the wyvern, even though he’s already pushed to his limits he squeeze’s out some more on a healing spell (master care to spe in?). Then it runes out he’s bleeding badly and is like I must have lost too much blood. Now the master heals his apprentice. Wot now he throws some healing at his apprentice wot! Letting him bleed out all the wile…

    There is also the part where the mc’s spirit calls his curse which is generally not survived by anyone a blessing. But guess what the obvious question of why she calls it a blessing even though it’s exceedingly deadly is never asked. Wot you’re not even gonna ask wot!? Yeah that one counts mostly as frustrating but is also dumb really.

    Guess I should stop complaining, for the rating, lets put is smack-dab in the middle 5/10. But I’m leaning more and more toward just dropping it. Not planning on bothering with a next volume.

  • Read up to Vol 1

    Actually decent MC. Usual (not overblown) denseness regarding affection towards himself, moderately low self-esteem.

    Generally, the MC´s thoughts are written out in a coherent manner, making it easy enough to understand previous experiences and motivations.
    The writing overall is decent enough, there are little hints towards darkness, but no real whiplash between good and bad events is seen.

    A decent enough read so far.

  • Well, first thing, you shouldnt expect everyone suffered with misfortune to be edgy and wrathful. You must accept that kind people indeed exist. My relatives are quite kind people themselves even when they faced misfortune, they didnt curse their situation and they will help each othen when in need.

    Though, It’s actually more common for people with kind personality like protagonist when facing his situation, they might end with low self-esteem and self-hatred. They would even more inclined to be suicidal. Do you know how it feel to be bedridden your entire life? Only makes sense for him to have that personality.

    He might be a little dense but he’s actually pretty attentive to people’s feeling and emotion, and his big bro SIRIUS did a good job teaching him how to deal women, though the situation didnt always develop exactly as his advice which left the MC confused, still the boy is good at taking care girls. Seriously, he is not THAT dense! I have read many LNs and WNs, and this MC is much more likeable.

    Also, if you didnt pay any attention, he’s a freaking 10 years old kid!! When I am his age I am still so busy playing around. No way boys that age would care anything about romance unless he was influenced by TV show or Novel! He is NOT a reincarnator, so give him some slack. You expected too much from a kid, my little brother is even more stupid and childish than him.

    And as an end note, while the MC did start as weak willed boy with low self-esteem and self-hatred, he is actually a hard worker with a big heart. He did get some development, nothing too dramatic, but he did get stronger from diligent practice and study (has a talent to be OP, but is still reasonable, since he couldnt defeat things in one hit kill yet), he also got more confident from those experiences, and finally, he learned how to love himself more… Which is very important for him. Also, the two introduced girls also got some development and some moment with the MC too, which is good.

    Ignore the comment above, he obviously just skimmed reading it. And probaby stopped at chapter 1 (there’s only 3 chapter + epilogue). Though, I kinda agree that the writing at the beginning felt rather childish and awkward. Especially, the way the sage taugh the MC at ch.1 felt like an awkward infodump.

  • Uhh… Just reading the first few chapters made me cringe many times. The writing style feels like it has been written by a small kid.

    The characters are bland and the MC is a kid who is a typical Japanese MC who is sorry for disturbing anyone with his existence, dense af, a good guy who isn’t angry with his fate to being cursed to suffering from his birth.

    You won’t be missing anything by skipping this novel.

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