My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for Me!

The living creatures called ‘boys’ tend to tease girls who they hold affection towards. I don’t know since when this ‘thesis’ turned into ‘truth’, but at least for me, it seems like a total lie. I mean, it’s true, right? It makes total sense for you to be disliked by someone if you keep teasing her. If you think about it rationally, being kind and supportive towards her would make much more sense—

…Then, why is everyone so annoying towards me?

Associated Names
My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for Me!

Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life

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CClaw Translations
Official J-Novel Club

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  • Thank u sooo much for the new volume,,i was dying to read it

  • Hey,When Will Ya upload Volume 10,I can’t wait any Longer

    • It should be available on novel however volume 10 is just a prequel to the series. Sadly it’s not a continuation of book 9.

  • Bruh LN reviewers are fucking annoying if you want to review something go to myanimelist. I really don’t care about your own opinion

  • the mc have a brain tumor called idiocy,he get shitted so many time yet refuse to take action off it just because the plot doesn’t let him,read it if you can tolerate retarded mc.

  • Every time I download any light novels anywhere all I get are the pcitures only; no words just images. Did I downalod frrom a wrong website or something else?

  • Musume Janakute mama ga Suki… Update please

  • Yes, they dropped this series since it was picked up by a western publisher.

  • I read the manga and the MC is getting annoyed when Iroha teasing her but he didn’t get annoyed when Mashiro trash talk him like telling him “pervert””don’t talk to me””die” and stick to her like some sort of stupid. I know there’s a reason why he stick to her but Mashiro is the most annoying character rather than the main heroine(Iroha) but the MC didn’t get annoyed.

  • What’s the difference between the official one and the previous one? Aside from the official one being licensed or translated by an actual company. The previous one was already done well, I dont remember any grammar problems or anything.

    • The official usually have some extra short stories or illustrations included and probably some changes in the story to fit the context that indie translators might have missed. Since the official spent months to translate and then months to edit and even more time to proofcheck unlike indies trying to release asap to get more donations. If the indie translation was acceptable then they could work with the translator to use the already translated work plus some check here and there to release the volume faster.

  • Does anyone know if Cclaw Translation drop this ?

    • The translator usually put the note for that at their very last chapter before dropping. However, it it kinda the norm to drop the novel when someone decided to license and translate it officially since the indies could get DCMA strike if the official deems necessary.

  • Thank you very very much ive always loved you Like a son

  • i want to cheer for the other girl but… when all the cover art was her it’s pretty much a given whom is going to win which is infuriating. also it was no lie when the mc said the whole thing is going to be friggin’ annoying, but i wish the mc himself do something about it, i only read not even half of it because of the rage welling up in me but… damn that girl is soooooooo annoying.

    not recommended for those who don’t like the heroine teasing the mc kind of novel genre. i dunno about the rest of the volume but if you can survive reading the first volume, i am pretty sure you are going to learn how to love it. cheers!!!

    • I read the manga and the protagonist likes NTR. Girl even said she’s be willing to do NTR play. You can see where the author is sexually and that’s why this story feels so awful to read.

  • Assassin’s pride volume 2 please 🙂

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