8th Loop for the Win! With Seven Lives’ Worth of XP and the Third Princess’s Appraisal Skill, My Behemoth and I Are Unstoppable!

Master swordsman, sage, dragon knight… Remille can’t believe his ears when the princess lists off his possible futures. Born to a lesser noble house, he’s never been anything but a low-level adventurer. In fact, he’s lived that same life seven times—always forming an adventuring party with his friends at age fifteen, and always giving his own life to save theirs three years later. But not this time. The eighth loop is going to be different.

After his most recent death reveals his friends’ treachery, Remille finally takes a different path that leads him to Princess Ciel, wielder of the powerful Eye of Appraisal that can judge anyone’s true potential. Will her wild claims about Remille’s future come to pass? With her guidance, can he really become a great sage or a rider of dragons? Is the adorable catlike familiar he’s tamed in past lives really a mighty behemoth, the strongest of the magical beasts? And will he really be able to escape the deadly destiny that’s claimed his life seven times already…?

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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  • I got to half the first volume and… I didn’t like it tbh. Guy after being the sacrificial pawn of his garbage party members immediately becomes the pawn of a princess after discovering the betrayal of party members, this dude is dense. Even after the “confidence training” where he beat the strongest guy in the kingdom and getting killed by progressively stronger monsters every life he’s still like “bro I’m a total weakling, of course princess anything you say I wouldn’t be anything without you, sorry for walking in when you were changing clothes I deserve to be hated forever for glancing at your naked skin”

    The princess should have been the MC at least she has some agency. I feel this could use a rewrite so that MC doesn’t feel like the playable character of the princess. Maybe it gets better but I grew bored of it pretty quick

  • What is vol 1 called because I can’t find it for Sr

  • Reading through Vol1 at the moment;

    Pretty decent-average LN. Writing is decent and is neither making my eyes bleed nor my head hurt.

    MC is slightly trapped by having seven (short) lifetimes under his belt with his behavior and attitude, but is overall not too whiny or stupid once things are explained/shown.

    Its pretty obvious MC´s tamed pet will turn into a girl, but they, thats LN for you.

    Im gonna keep reading.

  • I’m surprised vol 2 not out on this site. You guys play fav’s? If so this makes sense then.

  • it’s not terrible, but it’s also not amazing by any stretch of the imagination. Fairly generic premise. MC that things he’s weak, abused by party members, but then realises he’s actually super strong and becomes OP very very quickly. It’s a troupe we’ve seen a million times already. But the bright side is that it’s easy to read, has a bit of humour, and pacing is on the faster side, so it doesn’t feel too draggy. Decent enough if you have nothing else to do and want to pass some time.

    • If you were looking for philosophy to plumb the depths of the human heart in a Japanese light novel, you’re on a hiding to nowhere.
      What is a light novel for, if not to pass the time?

      • I mean, the issue in question is not “philosophy”.

        Its if the LN´s plot and writing are decent enough to keep reading or totally veering off the enjoyable path.
        If i had to critic things in this LN up to Vol 2, its that the pacing is ultra fast and the LN reads more like someone compressed the general plots of other LN´s while doing an original take.

        Its decent enough to keep reading, and nothing makes the brain hurt. There are no jarring shit-take events or character traits, and its decently enough written.

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