Magic Stone Gourmet: Eating Magical Power Made Me the Strongest

Following a mysterious gacha pull, an unlucky soul is reborn into a fantastical world as the young Ein Roundheart. He possesses a skill that allows him to break down poisonous substances—which is nowhere near as cool as his little brother’s flashy combat skill! Ein does his best, but even so, his father and stepmother bypass him to proclaim their youngest son the heir to the household. And things only get more complicated from there. On the heels of a fateful encounter with a young girl named Krone, Ein and his mother are shunned by the family and decide to take refuge in her home kingdom…where Ein is suddenly declared the crown prince! This marks the beginning of a whole new life for Ein, and he’s out to prove that he’s worthy of the crown.

Associated Names
Magic Gems Gourmet
Maseki Gurume: Mamono No Chikara O Tabeta Ore Wa Saikyou!
Maseki Gurume ~Mamono no Chikara wo Tabeta Ore wa Saikyou!~

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

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  • Read up to Vol 3

    TL;DR: Decent read, Vol1 is somewhat wonky compared to the following volumes (up to Vol 3 read at point of comment).
    MC is somewhat naive/inexperienced, but also does not express that much denseness/airheadiness compared to other MCs.

    Some LNs are using “spoiler”ish Prologues and Epilogues as a narrative device to enhance the storytelling, my personal best examples are “My quirt Blacksmith life ..” something and the Inifinite mana loophole witch.
    In this LN´s Vol 1, however, this is not the case. Its just fitting in very weirdly with the Prologue the way it is.

    The main reason for me is that Vol 1 seems to be quite compressed and paced to showcase the plot. And said plot could easily have been better detailed and …plotted out.. over two volumes, for example.

    That said, Vol 2 sets the general tone going forward, and its decent enough reading.
    Some interesting concepts, some inspiration from LNs like “Ideal Sponger life” regarding politics and duties for the MC, too, and all in all, its a decent enough read.

    Seems to be also going with some whiplash regarding “harsh punishments detailed off-screen” while generally giving off the vibe of a “good ending always” writing.

  • Do not read the epilogue!

    It’s not an actual epilogue just a mid volume copy & pasted part. Total spoiler for at least half the volume and very little happens after. Well the first vol at least, don’t know about the second vol as I’ve already dropped this.

    It’s like some 3rd rate writer used this slap dash put together story to play out his momma’s boy fantasies. At best I’ll give it a 5/10.

    It’s messy in all kinds of ways. The MC’s species for instance one big mess. He’s supposed to be a dryad; a tree spirit but no trees involved only the promise to do tree tentacle stuff at some point. How his fader ties in is also a mess. There was something about how the mom used illusions to fake having sex and still used his dna in some way or something. Can’t really blame the guy for being more into his second wife.

    Then there are the trains. Nothing weird you would think but wait we’re talking water trains whatever that’s supposed to be. At one point described as something similar to a paddle powered steamboat I think, so how isn’t is just a boat but a train?

    Not to mention the guy’s main power. First of all he’s not eating any magic stones, just absorbing their energy. Drinking them like cans of soda would come the closest to describe what he’s doing. Can’t really call that gourmet. It’s messy sometimes he absorbs them just by being near other times he’s touching them and he also developed this “dark straw” ability where he jabs a phantom arm in a living monster’s core to suck it dry.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  • So, this is as generic as it gets. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad read but nothing special at the same. It’s good enough that I want to read further.

    I do however have some nagging to do. What is with the names? The MC’s love intererest is called Krone which means Crown, how is that even a female name? The MC is called Ein meaning “a” or “one” (a car, one tree).

    The MC’s father, his second wife and their son, the younger half-brother of the MC, are made out to be the bad guys of the story. In my opinion, especially the father, is actually a victim here. He was forced to marry the MC’s mother for political reasons (as was his mother but she did so willingly) and had no clue who she really was but was told she was a commoner and daughter of a merchant so way below what he would have liked as a spouse. Also the mother faked the consumption of the marriage by hypnotiszing him. She is a half monster race, a dryad, and got pregnant by splitting her own core in half and bearing a fruit and just used a bit of her husbands blood as catalyst. So the count isn’t even the real father. Of course he has no idea about all of this as well.
    So why is the mother even wondering why he has no interest in her? They never were intimate and she never had any real interest in him. So that everything goes south in their marriage is her fault as well, if not mainly her fault. She has no reason to be upset.

    Shortly after the count married another woman and had another kid with her. His second son is a genious, he has a special job “Holy Knight” and his stats are over ten times as high as the MC’s, so yes of course he loves and prefers his second wife and child way more and it’s absolutely understandable that he wants the second son as his heir. How should he know that his superiors made a deal that the first son has to inherit his title? Why does everyone in the story think it is okay to punish him for that and strip him of his title and anect his land for that?

    That the story is an isekai is totally useless here since the MC loses his memories one after the other, anyway.
    Another problem is a mistake too many authors make, the little kids here, while between 4 and 10+ years old, all act like 15+ one’s. This is a fault of the story, that they have to be so young. Author, just make them all older and everything more realistic. 4 or 5 years old can’t do swordfighting as good as knights and kill monsters by the dozen.

  • Nyx-Translation already completed this novel up to Vol. 9. Can you make Epub from it?

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