The Great Cleric

One moment, a certain salaryman is on cloud nine, that promotion finally within his grasp, and the next, he’s keeled over pain, and that was all she wrote. Luckily for him, fate had a bit more to say. A world of magic, monsters, and other such life-shortening entities await his newly reincarnated self for a second shot at life. With nothing but his past-life experiences and sharp business skills to guide him in the foreign lands of Galdardia, he takes up the name Luciel and vows that his (next) demise will be from naught but old age. And what better way to avoid a(nother) gruesome death, than by taking up a nice, cushy job as a healer? But getting by in another world doesn’t come easy, or cheap. It’ll take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to hone the skills he needs to make his way. But make it he will…or die (again) trying!

Associated Names
Seija Musou ~Sarariiman, Isekai de Ikinokoru Tame ni Ayumu Michi~
Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World~

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mystery, Shounen, Slice of Life

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  • the earth technology thingies really destroyed the immersion for me

  • Any estimate on when pdf will be available?? There have been a few good volumes released this month and they all are in epub format yet😢.

  • Volume 10 just came out..

  • So I put this book off for a while because of some of the reviews on this page. The thing is though, I feel like there is a disconnect between those who like and dislike the books.

    1st: expectations are important. This isn’t like most isekai. It’s not generic. He’s not super over powered out the gate, there is no hint of a Harem as far as volume 3, and the plot is pretty refreshing. (This is why it feels like a labor of love from the author over a mass produced generic LN) I got the same feeling while reading ascendance of a bookworm.

    2nd: The pacing may seem slow to those who lean towards alot of action and adventure.
    But that’s not what this book is about. If you love “Tensura” , then this book would seem super slow.
    If you like “How a hero rebuilt a kingdom” with its almost non stop world building, then you’ll also find this lacking.
    However, if you start reading this story with the understanding that the author is trying to strike a balance between world building and action, then you end up never being bored. Because the author does a great job at striking a balance. Only when looking for one or the other would the pacing be a problem in my opinion.

    Finally, the best and most important part to me.

    There is no superfluous information or filler. Every interaction has a purpose, the author doesn’t constantly repeat paragraphs of the same information (looking at you undead unwanted adventure)
    The main character is the focus, the side characters play a role and you get background on their thoughts but that’s not used to pad the story and it actually helps develop the story. He has friends and companions, but this is his story. Again this brings to mind “ascendance of a bookworm” where she is the main character and the story is undeniably hers.

    So no this series won’t be for everyone, tastes differ. But I would say, even if its not your usual cup of tea, it’s worth a try with expectations being kept in mind.

    I’ve read 300+ LN this year(health issues, so lot of time on my hands haha)

    And I’ve come to realize that I, personally, find myself judging books by comparing them to others that I like. And when they don’t immediately meet that expectation, I tend to lose interest. But after subscribing to jnovel club and reading a wide variety of different genres, I realized that good writing and an interesting plot can grab my attention even if it isn’t my normal got to genre.

    Anyway thanks for coming to my admittedly lengthy Ted talk.

    These are all just my opinions and I encourage anyone who disagrees with me to ignore what I just wrote haha

    • [And I’ve come to realize that I, personally, find myself judging books by comparing them to others that I like. And when they don’t immediately meet that expectation, I tend to lose interest. ]

      No, I think what you said is true, but the thing is people are not likely to realize that, to come to that conclusion just by reading 10 or hundred of books. There are stages to how we can reach that idea, it’s not an instant thingy.

    • Agreed this is one of the better isekai LNs. But I see the lack of superfluous information or filler as a flaw. If you only describe a needle, then it’s obvious that there’s a needle. You need a haystack to hide the needle. Because of this lack of hiding, often a few paragraphs into a new chapter I can already guess what characters are going to make an appearance and where the plot is going to go. It’s too telegraphed. Same problem I noticed from Jane Austen’s works.

      The author (who admits he has no formal training and began by self-publishing on websites) is talented at capturing your attention. But is a bit short of the skill needed to really piece together an epic story like this. A great author needs the ability to hide things in plain sight, so plot twists truly catch readers by surprise. So that when they re-read previous chapters, they think “Oh, that was so obvious, why didn’t I notice that?”

      Still, it’s an entertaining read. A bit rough in places. The pacing is good, although it results in large time jumps (e.g. 4 chapters to cover a few hours, then we suddenly fast-forward to months later). It reads more like a diary journal (time jumps excluded), with seemingly unrelated pieces and events eventually building up into a whole. If the author were more skilled, it would build up into a cohesive whole (like Tolkien’s epic) and I’d rate this higher. But for a self-published amateur it’s pretty good. But does sometimes strike you as made up on the spot and thrown in, rather than planned from the onset of the story.

      My main complaint would be the huge number of characters (some of the characters seemingly unimportant upon their first introduction later becoming important recurring characters). Long stories with this many characters usually have a glossary of characters and place names so you can refresh your memory if you happen to forget a name. (Very common if you’re reading multiple series concurrently, book by book as they’re released.) If you begin reading and decide you like it, I highly recommend writing your own glossary as each character and location is introduced. As RH says, the writing tends to be rather sparse on filler, so there frequently aren’t any contextual clues to help remind you who or what [name] is. Heck, I don’t even remember the races many of the characters are, and it becomes important to the plot later.

      Lastly, different people like different things. That someone likes this story doesn’t mean you will. That you dislike this story doesn’t invalidate the opinions of people who like it. And vice versa. The purpose of reviews and recommendations is to help people pare down the gazillion stories and books out there, into a shorter list they might want to actually read. So (in an ideal world) there shouldn’t be arguments over whether a story is good or bad. Just whether a story suits your tastes or not. This is a slow-paced isekai which starts off as a slice of life, but gradually morphs into an epic as the MC becomes stronger. The writing is sparse, but descriptive and easy to digest. The author isn’t good enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, but is good enough to make it a page turner. The MC is a bit bland (in denial about his own power), but not frustratingly so. If that’s your cup of tea, then have it. If it’s not, then move along to another story – don’t waste time arguing with the people who like it.

  • On my own personal opinion, this was a very good novel out there simply because it has a unique plots in it which makes the readers find something special about this novel in which makes you pretty much interested on it when you are on a roll when it comes on reading stories and getting tired of predictable and expected plots.
    On other novels, healers are mostly considered as side characters since they provided support sidelines which makes them less standout(just my opinion, please no hard feelings;) in which case that not only the protagonist is a healer, but the fact that the world the protagonist is actually in has its people’s mind set that healers are people that takes advantage about their patients in order to get high profits which brings the protagonist troubles in his way. Solving this problem with the help of his acquaintances and aswell as his great personality which brings people closer to him.

  • does it have romance in it?

  • I like the novel a lot. The storing pacing, character development is slow but good. But where is the comedy? expect ofc ocassional sub X joke. I don’t think it should have comedy tag. Or is my sense of humor just screwed

  • Thanks for the update. I was waiting for this

  • Really enjoyed this. It’s nice that the story progresses nicely and is fun to read. There’s so much stuff out there where the author is obviously just in it to make deadlines. This guy wrote this story because he wanted to and it shows in a positive way. I hope it keeps going like that in the next volumes.

  • Not a fan of the protagonist. He’s one of those super bland “i’ve got no talent but I work super hard” people and then the other characters act like he’s the second coming of Christ just because he isn’t an actively terrible person

    • Then… Don’t read it…?

    • I totally agree, he’s very bland. And his inner monologue is a continuous “[I’m] just trying to survive”, “I’m just a local healer trying to make his way”.

      With fighting scenes as gripping (/s) as: “The knight’s blade tore through the air, creating a whirlwind. [?] It would thrust its spear at me not once, but three, sometimes upwards of five times, in rapid succession, at inhuman speeds made possible only by its lack of sinew and tendons… just like this one manga I vaguely recalled reading in my past life.”

      The villains are evil in the same way as in One Piece… e.g. bullshit, bullshit… evil cackling intensifies. Protagonist is called a saint… because he doesn’t force clients into slavery for payment of healing a rat bite, other healers are evil… because they do.

      The first book is a training montage and the second is a dungeon montage… ends with him being suckered into being the reluctant chosen hero. Count me fooled for thinking this was going to be a slice of life rather than an end of the world ‘epic’ drama.

      I also find it sad that novels would ever use MMO concepts such as skill levels, caps and grinding. I’d prefer for the protagonist to succeed due to fancy footwork, strategy or foul play rather than… Get pwnd low levels! or convenient god given kryptonite magic.

  • No pressure. Just letting you know I’m also waiting for vol2

  • just finished reading the wn then this appears

  • It’s look decent

  • This one is a decent read but it’s almost slice of life with extremely little conflict (or even magic for that matter) so people might not enjoy it.

    If you like a bit of fantasy slice of life then you might enjoy this.

    • And there’s almost no romance in this story even though he meets many beautiful woman. If you like the story where the MC’s struggling to life cause fear of death, then this is it…

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