Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling

Our hero wakes up one day in a brand new world…but his new life doesn’t come with fighting skills or magic powers, or even arms and legs! He’s reborn as a helpless egg, stuck in an unfamiliar forest surrounded by terrifying, hungry beasts. But eggs hatch, hatchlings grow up, and humble beginnings can lead to something great. He’ll do his best to become the strongest dragon ever, and no measly shell will get in his way!

Associated Names
Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim to Be the Strongest~
Tensei shitara doragon no tamago datta ~ saikyō igai mezasanee~
Tensei Shitara Dragon no Tamago Datta ~ Saikyou Igai Mezasenee ~

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Tragedy

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Comments 23

  • well, it was fun while it lasted. dropping this series after the slogfest in recent volumes, especially after volume 6. the series started out very interesting, but I guess the author just ran out of ideas somewhere along the line. a lot of what happened in the earlier volumes, and the characters introduced, feel like they’ve been completely left behind and forgotten. with the introduction of “partner”, which is kinda weird in its own ways… i doubt it will ever happen too. the main plot which i think has been for the MC to gain a human form has absolutely no progression for a long time, and volume 5 & 6 feels so entirely inconsequential and pointless. volume 6 in particular is just fight after fight. killing 1 enemy, another shows up. rinse and repeat. finish fighting outside the village, go back to find the village has trouble. finish fixing the trouble in village, go outside to rescue/fight people again. rinse and repeat. SO MUCH TIME was spent from the point of view of the seemingly inconsequential antagonists, including a massive amount of dialogue and internal monologues. with some of those dialogues actually just telling us their plans, followed by their plans playing out almost exactly as described, with the only exception being MC winning by being stronger than they expected (which again is something that played out time and time again in the series). Not to mention how MC seems to have very little character growth mentally even after 6 volumes. sigh…

    • oh, and i forgot to even mention the poor editing. it feels like they just took occasionally updated chapters, and put them together in parts. there are some parts where a new part starts by immediately repeating the things that happened at the end of the last part, almost like a recap. volume 6 on the whole just feels like such a low effort volume.

  • Interesting novella, but the complete lack of fanservice and peaceful chapters spoils everything. The author doesn’t let you exhale and enjoy the moment at all. Meetings with waifu that readers are waiting for hundreds of chapters are disrupted and the protagonist hurries on.

  • Volume 4 was AWESOME!!!! just one question, does anyone know what the usual update day or time is for this novel. I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s once a month or year or what?

    • Probably can’t post links here, but search on Seven Sea’s website or the wiki, gives a rough estimate. It took almost a month for vol 5 though, probably because someone has to buy it and seed it

  • Reading up to Vol 4 so far, this LN is NOT comparable to stuff like the Slime boi or the Spider gal.

    While this LN takes several inspirations (which are too general to be called that, really) from other LN, it is its own plot and character development.

    Some of the ending chapters in the 2/3 volume seem a bit hurried, but the pacing is pretty okay overall.

    It is a different experience from the above mentioned LNs and in my opinion a worthwhile read.

  • I hate the last two evolution, it look like gay dragon design

  • Hey you guys want to update these because in the seven sea website already at 4th volume.

  • Too fast and too short, read vol 2 in a night… maybe I was just reading fast because I was excited for it. This needs to get translated faster than 1 volume/year

  • A hit and miss for me. I’m not sure whether to continue reading or drop the series.

    The latter half of the novel seems to be rushed and forced or just felt too ridiculous and to be blunt, stupid in my opinion. So many things just went wrong and felt off, generally because of how the story was made and went, plus the mc. Personally speaking, it should’ve not been so bad or should’ve gone better than it did.

    In any case, thus far, I don’t think the novel is necessarily bad but it is starting to lean more into the direction of my books of bad reads or so. I don’t really like nor feel comfortable with how the second volume went. So many things felt off to me that should’ve not felt off. Maybe I’m just overthinking it but yeah. With the second volume, it leaned more on becoming like those totally broken Isekai and fantasy novels, and not the relatively okay or good ones, but the bad ones of which with how the novel is, just made things worse.

    It has some cool concepts that I like that I think was relatively done well or at the very least good. Perhaps even things that make it differ from the rest, but yeah, also kinda full of misses and mishaps. A hit and miss indeed. Wonder how the next volumes will be like.

  • its like watching “built for the kill” in national geographic channel

  • To those that say that this is a ripoff of “So I’m a Spider”. To be fair, the JLN is quite interesting, at least for me it was. It was…weird but also funny, though it might just be my peculiar tastes and humor, who knows. Also, Unlike “So I’m a Spider” the timeline here makes much more sense and will not confuse the reader, so for that alone, I’d say this is worth a try. Though I got confused a bit at the bonus story, whether or not it happened after or before the events concluded to where the volume ended.

    In any case, I’d say to at least give the first Volume a try and if you like it then wait for the next one or support the author if you can. If not, then just drop the title, to each our own.

  • Anyone else read the summary and think, “Geez, isn’t this a ripoff of So I’m a Spider.”

  • Damn this is good! The level system is similar to spider, but I think the MC makes good use of it. There are lots of small but clear goals that make the story interesting all the time and easy to follow. Definitely looking forward to vol 2

  • does he become humanoid

  • Many similarities to So Im a Spider. But there isn’t as much definitive world and plot building. Overall decent WN.

  • when you say rpg lvl system, does it lean towards spider or shield?

  • I have read the Wn in the past.

    It has your standard Rpg LVl system. And a evolution system with branching evolution paths.

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