Formerly, The Fallen Daughter of the Duke

Claire Martino has a fairy-tale life anyone would envy, with a noble upbringing, a crown prince for a fiancé, and a promising future ahead of her as Noston’s most powerful mage. That is, until everything crashes down around her when all of the family magical talent goes to her half sister, Charlotte, instead. With her engagement broken and reputation tarnished, Claire flees the only life she’s ever known and sets off on an adventure to find the freedom she’s craved all along. It’s anything but easy, but fortunately for a girl with dignity, talent, and a whole lot of bravery, nothing is impossible…even turning out to be a video game character! Much to her surprise, Claire finds herself periodically teleported to modern-day Tokyo where Claire Martino is no more than a side character in the classic dating sim game Upstart: Eternal Love. Yet even that won’t stop Claire from saving the day so she can unlock the good ending of her own route.

Associated Names
Moto, Ochikobore Koushaku Reijou desu.

Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-4 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 4

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  • Thank you for the update! ^_^

  • Thank you 😘! Waiting gor pdf update

  • Thank you!!! Waiting for PDF update ☺️

  • hmm. somewhat interesting premise compared to the usual isekai’ed otome game protag/villainess, but the pacing of the story is a little weird to me. The things that the characters do and the way their relationship develops doesn’t feel natural or logical a lot of the times. it feels like things are happening the way they are, and characters are behaving the way they are simply because the author wanted things to pan out like that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Pretty much in agreement with you. I did enjoy the most of story. But the nearing the end is story felt flat. SPOILER: The whole sub-plot of disgraced noble family was badly done, from their introduction, their actions, and reactions of the protag after figuring the family might do. But the WTF motion that badly explain away was, oh there is an unknown noble family that help another noble family destroy a tiny kingdom next door. But we can’t figure out who the secret family is, as we already investigate all of noble families except this one disgraced family that to be part of the royal family. This was like someone has been stealing the liquor in my house, and I question everyone who came to my house except my alcoholic cousin.

  • i guess links are no good huh.
    well if you wanted some spoilers or reviews just go to novelupdates. they have it.

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