D-Genesis – Three Years after the Dungeons Appeared

Three years ago, dungeons suddenly appeared on Earth after an experiment in Area 51 went awry. Now everyone—from average citizens to soldiers—explores these monster-filled labyrinths in search of wealth, power, and magic.

Keigo Yoshimura is an office worker with no sense of adventure, who dreams of quitting his job to live the easy life. While out on a business call, he stumbles on the birth of a new dungeon and accidentally gains a magical skill that turns subterranean exploration into an RPG. Things spiral out of control and Keigo winds up as the world’s top explorer.

With help from Azusa Miyoshi, his mathematically gifted colleague and new business partner in dungeon diving, he might be able to turn the status screens he sees into piles of cash. Unfortunately, Keigo ends up under the scrutiny of the military, government agencies, and even more sinister forces. What happened to his dream of taking it easy?!

Associated Names
D Genesis, 3 Years after Dungeon Appeared
D Genesis Dungeon ga Dekite 3 Nen

Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Sci-fi, Slice of Life

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Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-5 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 5

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  • volume 5 seems to have a tiny bit less extraneous info dump, but it’s definitely still there, and still distracting. the “banter” between the MC and FMC was interesting for a bit at the start, but now that there are a lot more things happening… it’s starting to feel a bit annoying. especially since most of the info are completely irrelevant to the plot and not witty, and is just random obscure references. and sometimes, maybe this is to show how 5head they are or whatever. and this happens to some side characters too. maybe aside from being a fantasy world with dungeons, it’s also a fantasy world where everyone is able to remember tons of obscure references and banter in the same way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    anyway, it’s annoying because despite having higher page count, it feels like not much has happened. not to mention that the info is sometimes injected while there are already tons of things happening, and actually breaks the flow. I’ve read shorter volumes with more plot progression. there are some elements of world/plot building but it feels slow to read through. it’s a shame because i still think the plot and premise is actually interesting. really enjoyed the first 2 volumes… but my interest in the series has waned a lot for sure.

  • Tuxedo Mask debut…lol, anyways good read as always.

  • While i prefer the plot and characters to the similar LN (The one with dungeon in backyard and card-based stuff), as of Volume 5, the sub-plots get more intractable with numerous previously unknown NPCs getting into their off-story sub-plots to do things that might or might not interfere with the MCs.

    Adding to that is a slight lack of actual character development for both MCs, though having said that, the MCs are already a lot more mature and competent than average MCs in other LN. Just a lack of them actually improving their thinking and behavior in active response to things happening.

    With Vol5, its seems that there are too many sub-divisions between people different from the MCs ongoing and have to be resolved in the next volumes, leading to bloat instead of progress.

  • still waiting for volume 5

  • still waiting for volume 5

  • Please remember to update this serie
    I really like it

  • is it just me or has the long winded obscure reference info dump gotten worse and worse with each volume. I’m like 50% through the latest volume and there are so much random and pointless trivia added in. Like another comment mention, I feel like those are things that no regular person would just know off the top of their head. it’s got to the point where they had to annotate and add in additional remarks which really breaks the flow. I still think the premise is interesting, but the story moves so slowly because of all the verbiage. One could say that maybe they really are that knowledgeable and that’s why they’re the main characters and why they are doing the things they are doing… but then even other folks around them all seems to be super geniuses somehow and know exactly what obscure thing they’re referencing…

    • Agreed. All obscure references are a bunch of nonsense that it’s weird other character could actually understand them.

      And while I like the story, it felt like everything happened thus far are just a prologue….

    • I really don’t like some of that as well. The pacing in Vol. 4 is really, really slow.
      I was also really surprised when the FMC made the Angel Heart reference and the other guy understood it. Seriously? I love that movie and even I didn’t get it. It’s almost 40 years old after all. So some random Japanese dude who was probably born around the time the movie came out understood something as vague as rolling your egg? Not a chance!

  • Finally an update.

  • When will volume 4 be released?

  • Nice volume 3 dropped.

  • Volume 3 already came out, please i want to read next volume. This great read, a hiden gem.

  • The story is good and I like the way the world works, but man oh man does the writing get pretentious. Yes, author, we know you can find obscure references to random things. Great job. The really big problem is that the characters are also like this, as if there are really that many people out with the unique form of autism that this type of knowledge requires. Yes, all the characters are the same. Every single one of them. They all have memorized the Wikipedia pages to every object they own, and they talk as if everyone else thinks that’s normal. I get Miyoshi would be like that, and maybe even the MC. But an average government worker and a model? No way.

    Again, the story is good and the worldbuilding has been pretty interesting, but the characters are all the same, and they are basically just the author

    • Haha, I get this. It is really annoying that authors look on Wikipedia all the time about things they themselves have no knowledge about like at all and make their characters into an encyclopedia about stuff NO ONE knows in their head and though ruining the believability of their work.

  • Pretty good, invites you to keep reading. I’ll give it a 6.8/10 for the first two volumes. It does get a bit longwinded though. It’s packed full of all sorts of references, most rather obscure though, you’d have to be an “egghead” (Eggheads (TV series) reference) to get it all. It also tends to drag on a bit much in that regard. I could also do without all the “lets get something to eat parts” and abrupt or long sidetracking. In the first volume there is even this part where the guy was casually talking to an explorer and bam in the middle of a casual dialog, they’re not even facing each other we suddenly get 20-30 pages of backstory of some random character and how she got into exploring. That really pissed me off, what a waste of page real estate. That character so far hasn’t shown up again or anything, not that I care for her to show up again. I mean it has a harem tag but that aspect is so forced and unnecessary (maybe forced upon the author by the publisher?). The guy is basically already living with a girl which he noted “it’s kinda like we’re married”. Those two are good together no need for other girls trying to bud in.

    Overall it’s similar to solo leveling but in a more fun way. Progress could be quicker. I mean 2 volumes, over 800 pages and all that covers a 2-3 month period.

  • Does anyone knew if there’s an webnovel of d-gen? Also, where to? Website or anything please let me know cuz im dying to uncover what’s next.

  • Auctioning the orbs gave away they had a method of orb reservation.

    Accepting the request to obtain specific org gave away that they had a method to get orb easier than common folk. (the drop rate of normal orb is like 0.00001 percent)

    Doing another aution will make their identity more widespread with more client meeting them. This also cemented the fact they could both reserve the orb and easily obtain the it.

    I dunno with you, but those are some terrifying decision the duo ever make on vol 1. They supposed be smart researcher, but doing those things without a PROPER backing is downright suicidal! I am surprised goverment didnt try to capture them yet. Dont underestimate people greed.

  • was already 50% through vol 2 with my last comment, but finished reading it. and yeah, it’s good. at the beginning of vol 1 i was thinking if this will be another power trip OP protag series, but then the way the author went about it was interesting imo. really enjoyed the world building, the characters themselves, as well as the plot. the slice of life tag is apt for sure especially for vol 1, but it does pick up with vol 2. story progresses nicely and leaves me wanted to know more about why things are the way they are, etc.

    so far nothing much on the harem front though apart from a few hints of potential love interests. kinda hoping it stays that way since the world is based on modern society more or less with some dungeons elements, and well… just my personal preference. anyway, this is one of the more memorable series i’ve read over the year and looking forward to future volumes for sure.

  • was really really looking forward to finishing volume 2. really enjoyed volume 1 and the premise of the story.

  • Skimmed vol. 2 a little and it is still within the coverage of what the fan translation have done. Eagerly waiting for volume 3.

  • Cannot wait for Vol 2 really what a good find. Ya have to endure the prologue tho hahahaha

  • Good read so far

  • Woohhooo!!!

  • Sounda interesting enough

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