The Reincarnated Villainess Won’t Seek Revenge

Will the villainess hanged in her previous life marry the knight who once swore his allegiance to her?

A little over a month has passed since Grey’s condemnation, and thanks to King Rizel’s leadership, life in Dirésias is slowly returning to normal. Yet one day, Albert comes to Mary with a shocking proposal.

“Will you marry me?”

Despite being happy, Mary can’t make up her mind—not until she comes to terms with her past. Meanwhile, Queen Tia remains missing, but her sinister plans creep ever closer to upsetting the peace Mary craves!

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  • The title itself screams boredom…

    • Oh my god, this is so bad… The plot had potential to be interesting – the main character is the reincarnation of an executed “villainess” (who never committed any crimes) and her younger half brother and childhood friend are still tormented by her unfair and untimely death. The protagonist, after meeting them and finding out they’re still fixated on revenge, wants to convince them to live for themselves instead. It could have been good!

      But the characters are painfully shallow and the protagonist loses all hint of a brain the second she meets up with the other leads. The writing also constantly interrupts itself by swinging from one character’s perspective to another and jumping at will and whim between the present and the protagonist’s memories of her past life.

      I started skipping around at one point just to see if it was at least *going* anywhere interesting since I’d read over half the book – wasting two hours of my life that I very tragically will never see returned to me – and accidentally stumbled on a sentence that revealed that at some point the series had turned into a love triangle with HER PREVIOUS LIFE’S YOUNGER HALF BROTHER PERSUING HER? Not because he doesn’t know who she is, by the way. They find out *instantly*, in such a forced way that it’s sad. (As a side note, if the author was going to have the protag make such a painfully stupid mistake that she failed to hide her identity *the second* she had both other leads in the same room, then she shouldn’t have been trying to hide it at all, because the book never even gave us a reason that she would want to in the first place.) No, he’s into her BECAUSE he knows she’s his sister. Ick ick ick. People who had no siblings shouldn’t be allowed to write romances.

      I did us all the favour of checking it out to see what it was about and if it was decent, since the synopsis on here (at least as of this post) is copy-pasted off the second volume and subsequently useless. Don’t make my mistakes. Save your time, there are far better novels out there. Go read earl and fairy, sugar apple fairy tale, library wars… anything, really. Just spare yourself from this bland, mediocre, self-insert wish fulfilment mess.

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