The 100th Time’s the Charm: She Was Executed 99 Times, So How Did She Unlock “Super Love” Mode?!

Alphina is falsely accused of plotting to assassinate Saint Debonaire. Time rewinds every time she’s executed for a crime she didn’t commit, but with the cruel Saint Debonaire against her, the same fate awaits Alphina ninety-nine times in a row: death by decapitation.

But something different happens the hundredth time around. Just as Alphina is preparing herself for yet another execution, she discovers that she can hear people’s true feelings—and that everyone secretly loves her! Can Alphina take advantage of her newfound ability and sidestep her fate at the guillotine?


Fantasy, Romance

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Comments 7

  • Is the saint from Earth?

    How did she know the words like “affection points” or “level” in a world of fantasy where there is no video games.

  • The first volume kind of ended in a way that could welcome a second volume, but didn’t really need it.

    The second volume feels like it was only written because the author signed a multi-book deal with the publisher, and hastily wrote this nonsense to satisfy that.

  • Wow that second volume really went too far in some places, the second half might be the craziest light novel I’ve read behind the shovel one… It kinda ended in a cliffhanger too

  • Also dropped it, just like the other commentor Sophie. It became sooo boring after she ran off and moved into the forest and the story became predictable and too illogical. I was just annoyed at some point.

  • I took a look out of curiosity as to how, if everyone loves her, they would let her be executed (if anyone is wondering, the answer is controling magic). I dropped it not even 4 chapters in when (early spoiler) she fakes her death and sees all the people she knows striken by grief, and still decides to run off and let them believe she’s dead and feel guilty for the rest of their lives. That’s so selfish, so awful of her to do that. I have zero interest in this story now.

    • Woa harsh, I think it’s justified since she probably has lived for circa 100 years I’d say it’s normal to be fed up also that spoiler happens at 35% of the book… it’s also the main source of the conflict , this story is more of a comedy too so it’s not a super serious thing either.

      I agree with the first comment, it’s just decent

  • Decent.

    Honestly, decent enough read.

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