Grand Sumo Villainess

When Floortje is reincarnated into the world of an otome game, things immediately go wrong. Her fiancé, Prince Jonas, breaks off their engagement, and the supposed protagonist, the Saint of Light Jaromíra, makes Floortje out to be the villainess. Little do they know, however, that Floortje was a sumo wrestler in her past life—and she won’t let these weaklings stand in her way!

After rescuing the cat-eared Prince Richie from the castle’s dungeon, Floortje embarks on a journey with an ever-growing sumo stable to save the kingdom from the grips of the real villains, Prince Jonas and Saint Jaromíra. With the spirit of sumo—her most trustworthy ally—to guide her, she’s ready for a smackdown! But why was she reincarnated into an otome game, and how did its protagonist turn evil in the first place?

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  • Translation Group is J-Novel Club, not Seven Seas

  • Man… this is bad. It feels more like a journal of a 10 year old writing about some weird fantasy they have rather than a novel. I’m not even really talking about the story itself, either. There are tons of weird light novel stories out there, and some of them are great. The writing in this one though is bland beyond bland. It takes a lot for me to call a light novel bland. I mean.. They’re light novels. While not all light novels are, well, light.. Most of them are and that’s okay. Not this series though.

    Off topic, but was the female protagonist originally a male in her last life? They say “Sumo Wrestler” and I don’t know if female sumos exist. Too lazy to look it up. If she was a man though, it’s quite odd that they never even mention her thoughts about being a completely different gender.

  • No way this got a second volume lol… Wished the genius editor that chose to leave the “dosukoi dosukoi” every couple of paragraphs was fired… It was the first time ever I used the words replacer on an ebook.

    I honestly didn’t like the first volume but I’m sort of kinda morbidly curious about what could the second one have… Anyway I won’t recommend it even if you’re a big villainess fan(like me) but it might be worth it if you’re really into sumo


  • Remind me with Sumomomo, but only the name.

  • And you thought regular iskeais were trash, most of this otome isekai stuff are pure garbage, I do like the concept and some of them can be fun but god damn most of the time they’re so fuckkng bland ….

  • Now if you look closely, you’ll realize that she’s doing the famous Mr Beast pose.

    You can’t unsee it now.

  • If you look closely, you’ll realize that she’s doing the famous Mr Beast pose

  • It’s incredible how every “villainess” otome ln starts off with the exact same fucking premise, word for word.

    • thats exactly what i was thinking, this synopsis is copy pasted to every single one
      not that thats gonna stop me, i love me some trashy stuff

    • Frankly, I want to know the name of original game that all these stories seemed based off of.

      • Of course they all fictional game.
        But in general they’re called Otome Game, usually reverse harem where the MC is a girl interact with multiple guys.
        If you want to know what the content of these games are, there’s two Otome games that got anime actually: 1. Amnesia, 2. Hakuoki
        Those are that I’m aware of.
        Either want to play the game or watch the anime is up to you.

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