To Another World… with Land Mines!

“Hey! I’m an evil god, but I’m not actually evil!”

Those were the first words I heard in the afterlife.

My name’s Naofumi Kamiya, and my entire class died in a tragic bus accident. The god told my classmates that he would transport all of us to a dangerous new world, but he created skills for us on request, so maybe he was actually a good god?

That’s what I thought at first, anyway. But when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! I feel bad for my classmates who thought that gimmicky skills would make them invincible. I mean, the god did warn them that there were no cheat skills! Oh well.

As for myself, I’m enjoying my life with my childhood friends, putting safety first and staying out of trouble. After all, this world might seem like a game, but it’s not. It’s reality.

Associated Names –
Isekai Teni, Jirai Tsuki.
Transition to Another World, Landmines Included

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

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Comments 14

  • Read up to vol 2

    The plot and progression is quite decent, the characters and interaction is decent-enough, as well as the overall premise being actually interesting.

    There are no modern landmines. The landmines are more of a metaphysical thing.

    Anyway, it is a decent read, and i do not understand why quite a few of the other comments are bashing this LN.

    For me, the only thing that made me go “ugh.” is the 1-3 times per volume when the author inserted a dig at european/non-japanese swords. It goes like this “Unlike japanese swords, his sword was designed to be used for blunt force” and similar while describing a normal european broadsword.
    Its a very niche pet peeve, but the author seems to like to insert this completely false trope of a thing about swords.

  • The setting is really great with exactly the right amount of realism, but the MC is really annoying. The author also writes about pointless stuff way too detailed, so it gets boring rather quicky. It has huge potential, but I’m not sure if I should continue reading past the first volume.

  • I’m still in vol. 2. Seeing the cover and title I thought that was a comedy LN. Luckily(?) it isn’t. It’s more the typical Isekai where a group of friends, instead of one person, works for their living as adventurers and faces some hardships. There is no further goal, just survive and work hard.

    Really annoying was the messed up timeline. This is not a web novel but an edited light novel and even a translation, correct? Did nobody recognize this? In vol. 1 they spend at least six weeks doing stuff realistically more likr 8 weeks, though (definitive time used is 2 weeks herb collecting, 2 weeks fruit collecting + additional training + hunting + drying stuff, a few days off and so on). In vol. 2 at the beginning it says they are there for 4 weeks a few pages farther in they find one of their classmates in the forest and it suddenly is only 2 weeks they are there. That’s really sloppy.

    Also the authors general knowledge is a bit “imperfect”, meaning not fully correct especially when it comes to stuff from Europe. Other things, he obviously looked up at Wikipedia, which is also unrealistic, that a high schooler knows the exact data of stuff in their head.

    In general so far I enjoy to read it despite such annoying flaws, though.

  • Became terrorist in another world.

  • It feels very forcibly contrived. like whatever thing that should be logically be wrong is right when the MC says it like it’s supposed to be common sense. The author is way to insistent that it feels forced.

  • Have read the first volume some time ago. First and foremost, the comments here are perhaps a tad brutal and incorrect as far as my personal experience and preferences goes anyways.

    For anyone interested in trying it out or so, the landmines here are metaphorical but still pretty much landmines.

    The author as far as I can tell has also done a relatively good job in overall. The novel of course can still be better but as is is plenty good still I’d say. The story is compelling and generally seemingly well thought out or has been thought up better than most if you ask me, same with the characters or at least some of them if ever. The author has–If I can recall it right–tried to approach it in a more sensible and mundane manner of which I think they did pretty well. I said sensible and mundane but don’t let that turn you off, could also just be having troubles with properly describing it and such but yeah, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is boring. For me, it was interesting enough and relatively enjoyable.

    Again, sensible and mundane. To me, this seems to be better than most or from what I’ve read thus far anyways. Seems to be relatively more real, more relatable. As stated by others, No OP characters, none thus far anyways if ever and if I am recalling the first volume right. Given the usual selection, this is a breath of fresh air actually. Can be all over the place and such still but if my memory serves me right, this novel in overall should be worth a try. It fairly has a solid hold with itself as well as the author with how they are going at it.

    Oh and it ain’t as trashy as the others here make it out to be if not actually a great piece relatively speaking. Don’t really know how to personally rate it, maybe 50/50 or 30/70 with the higher number being within the higher percentile. Again, personally worth a try as far as volume 1 seemed to have been to me.

  • You smell that ? That’s right that’s the smell of trash.

    And I’m the garbage man baby.

  • Why naofumi here 😂

  • I was expecting literal land mines, I am very disappointed.

    • You already read it? Anyway it would be a lame gimmick that wouldn’t provide more than initial bit of fun so is it really a bad thing if it’s more of a metaphorical “landmines”?

      • I’m reading i now:

        If you wan’t a story about a doormat and his friend circling around a bitchy queen bee know it all, then this is for you.

        It started out ok and I liked the realism but I was also disappointed about the lack of OP’ness. It all went down hill as soon as the stuck up childhood friend was introduced who took over everything and reduced the make characters to dumb ass doormats. The main character was actually making intelligent decisions before that.

        The author also is clearly deeply asleep as one of the sheeple.

    • Yeah, my disappointment is immeasurable, but my day is yet to be ruined.

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