The Brilliant Healer’s New Life in the Shadows

Life hasn’t been kind to Zenos. He was born in the slums, and his dirt-poor background has denied him almost every opportunity. After an encounter with a healer, he throws himself into studying to become one and finally catches a break when an adventurer invites Zenos into his party. Zenos is thrilled—so thrilled, in fact, that he’s willing to put up with his teammates treating him like garbage. They fail to appreciate his talents and ultimately kick him to the curb, claiming he’s outlived his usefulness to them.

Now bereft of money and out of options, Zenos decides to put his self-taught skills to use elsewhere and opens an underground clinic. Word quickly spreads about the brilliant healer working incredible magic in the city’s shadowy underbelly. Even the royal palace is taking notice…

Can Zenos buck the odds and carve out a life for himself in a world that’s spit in his face? And can he save the lives of the patients who wind up on his doorstep in the process?

Associated Names
Dark Healer
Isshun Chiryou Shiteita noni Yakutatazu to Tsuihou Sareta Tensai Chiyushi, Yami Healer toshite Tanoshiku Ikiru (LN)
Isshun de Chiryou Shiteita noni, Nani mo Shitenai to Party wo Tsuihou Sareta Tensai Chiyushi ~ Imasara Modotte Koi to Iwaretemo, Yami Healer toshite Tanoshiku Yatteiru node Chiryou wa Kougaku ni Naru kedo Otakura Haraemasu ka? ~

Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Slice of Life

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Comments 5

  • Enjoyable enough , and MC not succumbing to woman because of his denseness is the best . I have no need to worry about excessive fan services .

    Simply about MC doing whatever he wanted

  • So, the new (second) volume is out. Starts with Hot Springs where 4 hotties break into his bathtub, but he complains about it and kicks them out. This is what you need to know about the harem component – just a disappointment.
    The title should have been: Brilliant Healer who can’t cure his erectile dysfunction in the shadows.

  • Just checked out the beginning – very dumb, no common sense. It was like a kid writing.

  • it’s a cliche story that is all too common these days. MC was kicked out of a party for being useless, ends up being secretly OP and old party falls apart, MC is unaware his skills are outside of the norm, gains love interested extremely quickly, etc. BUT, I think this is pretty well written so far and enjoyable to read through still with decent enough humour. As mentioned in the other comment, he’s not whiny, wimpy, or insufferable, so you actually want to like him. It’s still pretty light hearted overall, and gives off that “it ain’t that deep bro” vibe, which works in its favour in this novel.

  • Read up to Vol 1

    7 out of 10

    Decent writing, MC not being a whiny bitch, etc, with a moderate dose of denseness regarding the amount and affinities of women in his life, but MC is a powerhouse.

    Some stuff happens, and it seems like its a “all is well” type of plot.

    A good enough read.

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