Can Someone Please Explain What’s Going On?!

If you thought regular marriages were insane, wait until you see the contract Viola signed! Our heroine, the daughter of an earl, signed herself away in a marriage contract to an aloof duke, Cersis, in order to save her family from a lifetime of poverty. All of a sudden, Viola’s life is turned upside down when she moves into the Fisaris family’s manor and is left to negotiate her new life as a “show wife” in a world she had only ever caught glimpses of before. How will she shake things up at the Fisaris estate?

Associated Names
Can Someone Please Explain This Situation
Dareka Kono Joukyou wo Setsumei Shite Kudasai!
Someone Please Explain This Situation! The Antics of Duke Physalis

Comedy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

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Latest Update: Vol 9

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  • It goes to a down mega link. Please fix

  • imu-sama, when will you upload the volume 8?

  • Just finished up to vol 6. Neither good nor bad, probably okay at best perhaps. Had fun but also had a fair amount of qualms about the novel, that said, I think it ain’t as bad as the others that I’ve read, that or I just built up some tolerance for annoying and bad characters an romance since it has been awhile since the last one I had read something like it.

    In any case: General rating; 5. Personal rating 7. With 1 being the worst and 10 Best. Despite its shortcomings, I generally like most of the characters (Mc & supporting/side characters). It was a interesting read to say the least. Vol 6. Kinda ruined it for me though, or to be precise when some visitors came to avoid spoilers. Just thought the whole ordeal was stupid and made so much more comolicated than it really is. To be fair, the extras’ gave more weight and sense to said ordeals but still kinda felt short or wrong to me. I at least personally think the characters should’ve been smarter than what they showed with regards to the visitors but I ain’t exactly a history buff either so yeah. Other than that, again, pretty interesting and lovely, though also exasperating but generally okay if not good.

  • can someone summary me the entire story of this novel? im too lazy to read it because i can’t find any point in reading this. what is even the plot? i get that its good from the comments above though, but im just too skeptical about it.

    • Long story short, It’s a story about a couple or would be couple anyway given the premise of the novel: Their journey, struggles–Mainly that of the Mc’s partner cause Mc is generally chill fr my understanding– and perhaps on how opposites can possibly attract.

      The plot I’d say would be the growth of the characters, from how their journey starts to how it got to where they are now or so, I think that’s it anyway.

      In any case, try reading it, maybe at least 1-3 volumes before deciding to commit to reading, though it is already relatively short of a series. Take my words with a grain if salt, ain’t an expert.
      But in general, you might find it to be worthwhile, like the Mc or some supporting/side characters being interesting enough as an insentive to follow through. I stuck around cause of that despite not really being into it anyway. Still had my fair share if laughs and fun. The story itself? Idk, not good but not bad either I suppose?

      Try it if you have some spare time, ain’t really a bad read at the very least as far as my experience went even for someone like me that ain’t really into romance, depends, but yeah.

  • Just loved volume 6…wish we had vol.7 up to 9 as well

  • Wait, What? Why in Volume 6 there are notification and author note about volume 6 as final volume? Isn’t in Japan there are 9 volumes and still ongoing? I’m confused

    • from what i find: apparently the light novels still continue after vol 6. but vol 7-9 have the subtitle of [futari no sonogo] basically an afterstory for the characters. Maybe they planned to stop the LN at vol 6 but due to the popularity of the extra stories released in WN after the ending, they decided to make those into LN as well.

  • vol. 4 is out could u please upload it

  • Thanks a lot for volume 2!

  • what the author even thought while made the title?

  • Yeeey! More romance story 😆❤️ Thank youuu~

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