Ankoku Kishi to Issho!

“Please, help me travel through the labyrinth to save our kingdom!”

The elf girl he saved pledged as the adventurer Alba was about to turn on his heel. With the labyrinth having the rumour of granting whatever you may desire, it actually harbors the secret to ruin the kingdom. Having mistaken Alba for the legendary Dark Knight, the elf girl, the 7th princess of the kingdom, is now asking for his assistance.

“Declining the request of a girl is really lame, right.”

Having been given that world view by his grandfather, as well as the jet-black armor and blood-riddled greatsword, Alba agrees to help them in conquering this deep labyrinth. With the legend of the Dark Knight as its basis, another legend is about to begin!

Associated Names –
Ankoku Kishi-sama to Issho!

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shounen

Translation Group
Cclaw Translation

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Comments 4

  • please update, it is fully translated

  • thanks for the novel.

    I know the mc is socially awkward, and I’m fine with that, but when he suddenly prostrated just to ask for a guild card, I felt so disgusted. I mean, why would he prostrate from a service offered by an employee? do Japanese people normally prostrate to just ask for a favor? I couldn’t read the novel any further after reading the line where the mc prostrated.

    • Knight 45, if what you’re saying is true then i skip this one. I cant stand lowering your head and throw your name to mud just for some convenient

    • This type of self humiliation is quite common in LNs. MCs say sorry for something that they didn’t even do. You can expect too much “Thank you” s and “Sorry”s when u read a LN.

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