If the Villainess and Villain Met and Fell in Love

SOMETIMES FIRE AND ICE ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. Brigitte Meidell belongs to a noble family, which means high expectations were placed upon her spirit contract. However, her bonded spirit turned out to be a weak no-name, and ever since, she has been a source of shame to her family. She thought her engagement to the prince would turn her life around, but when he publicly breaks off their relationship, she finds herself alone again. After her haughty, villainous behavior as the prince’s brideto- be, no one shows her much sympathy—except for the duke’s son Yuri, who attends the same magic academy. Yuri is feared for his incredible abilities and icy personality, but with him on her side, her fortunes might have changed…

Associated Names
If the Villainess and the Villain Were to Meet and Fall in Love ~It Seems the Shunned Heroine Who Formed a Contract With an Unnamed Spirit Is Fighting With the Nobleman Yet Again~
Akuyaku Reijou to Akuyaku Reisoku ga, Deatte Koi ni Ochitanara

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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  • does anyone know why the link is not working

  • volume 2 is still pretty good. better progression of the story, decent character development and has some intrigue. it’s still on the shorter side, but because there isn’t a ton of draggy or pointless stuff included, it’s not bad. i rather this, than a needlessly long and draggy story with tons of pointless fluff. the author seems to like to end on a cliff hanger which is a little annoying, but it’s still interesting at least. though i wouldn’t quite go as far to tag this as a comedy though since there isn’t really a ton of those aside from some mildly comedic exchanges between some characters. the overall feel of the story feels more serious to me than anything else.

  • This one is actually very good, our villainess has a tragic past and she’s apparently been manipulated for a reason or another not that I know since volume 1 is as inconclusive as it can be.

    The “villain” ML at first is a walking stereotype but he’s alright he grows a bit, the main villain appears to be either the prince or FL’s scumbag parents.

    If the author intended for their interactions to be comedic he dropped the ball big time, if he intended to invoke some sadness or melancholy then he’s a genius, the jury’s out on that one, point being this story is not very funny. The illustrations are very good, I’ll look forward to volume 2 especially if it can tie up most loose ends

  • i’m a sucker for this genre so gave it a shot, and it’s a pretty nice read to me. Lovable main characters. The female lead’s behaviour actually somewhat makes sense considering her past, there are enough things/mystery going on in the actual story that would make me interested in reading more. That said, it doesn’t really explain too much in this short volume and it’s mostly about MC coming out of her shell and meeting the male MC. hopefully things will pick up with the next volume and more things will be revealed. but about that villain and villainess in the title… it’s misleading, and probably a bait. neither male of female MC did anything that would even make ppl think they are evil or villainous. at most ppl just disliked them or they just weren’t popular. lol.

  • Surprisingly decent read (Vol 1).

    Characters are kinda okay and while stereotyped to a degree, are actually decently presented.
    Themes of pre-established abusive behavior and similar are in, but so is a rather soft-ball plot and a fair bit of cute, comfy moments.
    MC and MC-love-interest have somewhat usual “too dense/not believing” moments, but it did so far not reach my limits and its rather mild compared to other LN.
    The lack of sudden, harsh punishments and similar is agreeable as well.

    All in all, a good 7,5/10 read as long as you do not mind non-epic plots and romance.

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