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grimgar – in my opinion this light novel has a lot of actions. i would not tell a spoiler but for a new reader ill recommend it. Just read it slowly like your part of the story and you can feel it. Even though its slow on realease it can satisfy your deeds and hunger for adventure LN. The strenght of this LN seems like beyond the MC personality ofcourse it weaknesses also its not really easy to catch the point of the author how he made those characters personality and i think the realeses is not enough for a hardcore reader.

– haru#0207

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Review(Vol 1-3)

The Plot
We dive into the story of a group of people who is mysteriously teleported into this unknown world and don´t have any memories of what happened, only knowing their own names. After learning a little bit of that world they find themselves into a hard choice when they arrive at the guild, either become an Adventurer risking their own lives and make money from it or try to find a different job(wich was a very hard thing to do, and even if somebody did, the payment was very low considering that the main economy of that world comes from the adventurers). After this “selection” they were forced to form a party of six people, this is where we meet our main characters: Haruhiro, Manato, Moguzo, Yume, Shihoru and Ranta. This is a story that follow our adventurers’s lives, struggling to survive and make a living in this world. The story is very good and the author from the begginning leaves some mystery to catch our attention and little by little developing the world that our characters are in. Leaving a feeling of tension in the fight scenes, the author shows us that nobody is safe and that affects our characters in the way of thinking and their behaviors.

Along the story we get to see a lot of development through each character, showing us their feelings, their behaviors and different opinions when they face a problem. The party tries to get along and understand each other and realising that they need to work together in order to survive, since one little mistake can get somebody killed. Art
The art is good, leaving some mistakes here and there, but it´s not that big of a deal

Grimgar delivers us a story of that can surprise almost everybody. Giving tension in the action scenes and in the struggle of our characters to understand each other. Score: 9/10

– Falken#7738

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