Review of The Combat Baker and the Automaton Waitress

Review from JLN Community

Wow. This was a very good reading, I like the love, I like the story, I like how it develops, the setting of the world is very unique, there is some kind of old civilization in legend and now some wars and a man want to be a baker. And he gets a new worker, a waitress, who is… an automaton let’s say from the title. No spoilers here. It’s a very good read. There is politics though, and maybe economics, and maybe lessons of life, and maybe some lessons of friendships and good willing and about your attitude and life, and about god and the secrets of the universe, and about who we are and why we’re here, and about a Combat baker and an Automaton waitress… baking bread… in a bakery, which is in fact very good bread actually, and about philosophy and nature and legend, and an empire post-war in peace with this man entrepreneur of a baker in a bakery and an Automaton Waitress, definitely not a spoiler in this sentence as I’m using the title. A good read, I recommend if you are a peaceful person, you have a day of free time to forget about other worries, and are free to be deep-minded very profound to go and enjoy and reflect on this super simple but thoughtful easy way to read it but very conveying genius work of art and love! And there seems to be a mad engineer inventor or seemingly so with a cup hat and monocle too, very classy, in the story, so there’s that. Hah! Curiosity now?

I smelled the goodness of this novel just from the title… What could there be in a story with this title? You have to wonder… There’s goodness and evolution and development, and lovely thing/s… Not a magical academia of main protagonist and surrounding girls with superpowers against monsters, no, no, that action magical friendship read, no. Aimed at “young adults”. It’s kind of refreshing thing to read!

– Liber#2694

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