Now I’m a Demon Lord! Happily Ever After with Monster Girls in My Dungeon

Yuki finds himself reincarnated as a demon lord in another world, and he’s been put in charge of a dungeon to boot! Once Yuki accepts that his fate hinges on the dungeon’s survival in a world where powerful monsters roam free and danger lurks at every corner, he begins gathering allies and bolstering his defenses. Within a few days, he takes on a legendary dragon, an adorable pet slime, and a vampire girl, but despite all his precautions, life as a demon lord in a dungeon constantly under threat…is surprisingly mellow?
Of course, with such a colorful cast of characters (and possibly more on their way), Yuki’s bound to wind up in some trouble. Will he be able to pull off a reckless rescue mission? And how will he and his monster girls survive an invasion by a hostile human kingdom?!
Join him as he juggles daily life, responsibilities as a freshly minted demon lord, and his growing family of monster girls and pets!

Associated Names
I Became the Demon Lord so I Created a Dungeon and Spend Heartwarming Time There with Non-Human Girls
Maou ni Natta node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono Suru
A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life

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Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-8 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 8

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  • bro, the filler content was like half of the volume

  • Vol 8 when?
    TY for the updates 😊

  • This has become one of my favorite LNs. I’m always looking forward to seeing the next volume come out.

  • This is such a pleasing read

    Thank you for the update ♥

  • This is one of my favorite isekais

  • It´s easiy to see how many people talk shit about this Novel even though they definitely didn´t even finish the first chapter.

    Going in Yuki is an absolutely nice MC. First of all he has absolutely no problem with killing people who deserve to die. He is not the same gutless loser like literally 99% of every other Isekai who are so afraid of getting their hands dirty that they would rather let every rapist slaver murderer etc run free before they actually hurt them. When someone messes with him or his family he ruthlessly kills them to make sure they never get a second chance and he couldn´t care less about the lives of this trash. That being said he does have a working morale compass he is not some ruthless Murderer and he is perfectly able and fine with just talking to solve problems. Furthermore he actually shows charactergrowth especially in the romantic aspect does anyone here know how insanly rare that is? Most LN Male MCs show no growth at all over 20 volumes they just stay the same virginal loser.
    Yuki is a funny character who can be serious but also goofs around a lot. Especially his interactions with Lefi are really great and anjoyable most of the time. The way they interact with each other while slowly growing closer is quite nice and makes far more sense than most relationships in other novels.
    The actual pace of the novel is rather slow and there are many chapters that are just slice of live which is perfectly fine in my bock. The other characters may not be incredibly deep but they are enjoyable in there own way and at least they are not stupid nuisances.

    Just by reading the title I thought this would be just another absolute garbage Isekai but I am happy that I actually read it. All in all its an enjoyable read that I would easily recommend others.

    • I agree that slice of life with Lefi can be enjoyed, but otherwise things are not so rosy. The author couldn’t think of anything at all except to make the hero the MOST imbalanced (except for some monsters in the forest) and make him stooge for others.
      With the rest of the harem, doesn’t feel chemistry, everything happens at the snap of a finger (especially with Laila was poorly written).
      And dungeon management is just plain bad. Even in the thrashy Lazy Dungeon Master it was a head higher in this respect.

      • yeah I personally think that the Harem thing was unnesesary I would have preffered if Lefi was the only one but I also can understand Lefi´s thought process on the matter. And I don´t really think of the Hero as imbalanced. She is young still immature and lacks experience but has shown some ok development in vol 5 and 6.

        Regarding the main story outside the Dungeon well it´s typical isekai stuff. The Novel is definitely not perfect of course but as far as I am concerened definitely on of the top Isekai novels.

        • “outside the Dungeon well it´s typical isekai stuff” — It’s not, I don’t know if the light novella got to the empire-dungeon with which there was a war at first, but it’s just a nightmarish level of writing. The author just ends up dumbing it down and retelling what happened behind the scenes. Next, when he runs out of ideas, he introduces the birth of children.
          The moments with the legacy of the gods can be cut out and nothing will change.

  • volume 6 please

  • Any updates for vol 6?

  • When will this series get an update? NovelUpdates says this already has 14 LN volumes

    • Those are 14 volumes in country of origin. So unless you know Japanese you’ll have to wait for the jnovel club translations

  • Pretty much dogshit, the first volume is just freaking introductions with shitty side characters. These loli lovers should get the fuck out of here, cringing me to death. The worldbuilding is pretty bad and almost non existent in 1st volume. Iluna cringes me out bruh, like her whole family died and all she cares is mistress of yuki and adult stuff. Don’t read this if you are looking into action, adventure or slice of life. Typical isekai shit with loli side characters, shitty read if you ask me. 4/10

  • it’s a pretty light heart and fun read. interesting premise, likeable characters all round, fun interactions between the characters, and some interesting plot points along the way.

  • …Surprisingly good actually. Not too short, but I did get the impression a bit too much content was crammed into it.

  • I hope they didn’t shorten the story in the LN.

  • Yay the official LN is here

    • Is it really? A “Yay” I mean or is it just another harem excuse?

      • The manga is fan translated and i guess i could assure its not a harem. I wont spoil but the first one who came on his lair and love chocolates too much is the romantic interest

        • To be clear with ‘harem excuse’ I didn’t strictly mean that he gets into bed or romantic with a bunch of girls but also the rather (bad) cliché storyline where we have one guy always surrounded by girls only. I’m not a fan of such unbalanced situations. Of course I would prefer no harem at all but if it is there let the guy not be some sad sack with zero good male friends.

          Given the cover I don’t know about this one. I think I’ll wait for a few more volumes to give it a go as in this one can wait.

          • then u wont like it that much since he is surrounded with girls and the monster he has created along with the dungeon he governs. the girls around isn’t a romantic candidate more like he treats them family except for one that they got developed along the way. this is just basing on the manga. maybe read a few chapters so you’ll get the gist of it

          • He does wind up getting male friends, though they are majority royals, nobles, or that one guard and thus cannot hang out with him at his dungeon. He even winds up having to hand out medication to his friends because of the amount of stress his antics cause them though he does wind up clearing out problems for them just about every time.

          • @Viren21 sorry to spoil you but major spoiler

            He marries all four girls thats lefi the hero bell the wolfgirls Luo and the ship girl leila, he has a son with lefi and a daughter with Luo still don’t have kids with bell and leila but his working gbfon that.

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