Finding Avalon The Quest of a Chaosbringer

When a hardcore gamer downloads an update that transports him into his favorite game, Dungeon Explorer Chronicles, he expects a life of pretty girls and epic fights. He starts as a student at Adventurers’ High, the top school for budding adventurers, eager to dive into the fantastical dungeon that’s appeared in modern-day Japan. But one glance in the mirror shatters his dreams of badassery! He’s entered the game as Piggy, the love-to-hate overweight villain whose stalker-like obsession with his reluctant fiancée spells his doom. With elitist bullies roaming the school halls and cutthroat adventurers lurking in the dungeon, our hero has to act fast to lose weight and level up if he wants to survive and break free from his scripted fate. Using his peerless knowledge of the game, he’s ready to exploit every trick to become the world’s greatest unsung hero!

Associated Names
Avalon of Disaster
Evil Avalon
Saiaku no Avalon
Wazawai Aku no Avalon: Finding Avalon -The Quest of a Chaosbringer-

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, School Life, Supernatural

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Comments 22

  • I really liked from start, but now bored with this “mUsT HidE mY REaL PoWER” “DoN’t GEt EnVOLVED with the MC and CREW”

    I think even the japonese readers are getting bored with this trope “Hide my Power”, in the last translated Web Novel Chapter, 136 Weakest Mask(!!!!), it’s just the autor trying to explain WHY “mUsT HidE mY REaL PoWER”

    • If this made you bored then it can’t be helped .

      But imo ‘trying to hide my real power’ in a violent world where there’s literally no brake between adventurers are pretty reasonable . It’s not like he’s the strongest one yet to be able to easily brush off those violences

      Also MC has a family that he come to loved too .

      • I completely agree! The MC repeatedly states that when the “political” powers in that world find out about his game knowledge he (and his family and friends) are scewed. And while he luckily had a huge level jump and is now level 19 even the older students at his school are between 20 to 25 and more powerful.

        The point being, the world’s general knowledge is game version 1.0 while things that were added later are secrets hold by powerful clans or leaders, at least the few that were discovered. So someone who knows practically every secret is a prime target. And that world is not a nice one after all with its clear hierachical power structure and pretty open violence against lower standing people without any repercussion.

        This said, I really loved vol. 2 as well. It doesn’t have a spectacular endfight like vol. 1 but the story progression was smooth and fast paced.

      • The problem is that the “Hide my power!” comes with the MC being constantly bullied and have no character progression. He made lots of errors and a lot of people knows about his real power including nobles, so this whole “I’m screwed if they find out” doesn’t hold.
        And on top of that the MC has no real goal the author is still unsure if Butao is still inside him or their souls are fusing together since the more MC regains Butao’s memories, the weaker Butao’s influence gets.

        • That slipups were simply because of lack of knowledge with the ‘awareness’ system , like the one happened with the ninja .

          If its about the sparring , that thing is unavoidable since MC is former PK , so its pretty much instinctual habits .

          If it’s about the lady with 4 bodyguards , she simply wants to know his secret of dieting lol

  • I’ve been waiting for this !

    Thank you for vol 2 !!!!

  • The setting is rather interesting – classroom-of-the-elite-ish isekai with dungeons. But man, this could have been much better if the author tried to make at least some sense. The MC was a working adult and then he just goes “oooh a girl talked to me, my brain melts”…

    • I think the adult mc and the piggy mc personality or mental state are overlapping to each other that’s why the mc acting like that, if u really read the novel without skipping it you’ll notice right away.

      • @Potato
        Well, maybe you’re right. It wasn’t explained enough though. Piggy’s persoality is like subconscious thoughts and feelings and the MC controls logical reasoning. Not sure if it is a good reason to stop acting like an adult and a top player. But perhaps expecting such consistency from a light novel is too much.

  • Vol 2 pleasee

    In j-nv vol 3 pt x already got released , that means vol 2 already compl rite ?

  • Suprisingly decent
    With same premise with Piggy Duke, I thought it will follow same plot.

    Modern setting with dungeon dive as main fokus, this is promising.
    I hope this won’t be poison on next volume

  • this is unexpectedly good . no op mc got crowded by girls right from the start . that life and death struggle were simply great . and can’t wait till karma kicks in and those fk-ers got their retributions

    the only problem is now i have to wait till post march 2024 for vol 2 …

  • I blitz through the first volume, it was seriously good… It took me about 30 minutes, quite engaging. Then I checked the manga out and surprise surprise, they are both at the exact same point. I guess I wait now.

    Yeah no, this has nothing to do with piggy duke, I read the first 2 volumes of piggy duke and dropped it, because it was trash, I can confidently say they have nothing to do with each other. No mix, no synopsis mix up, I’d go as far as consider it slander lol

  • At last the English translation of this great LN has come!!

  • You people whining about the strangest thing. As someone who already both piggy duke and this one, their only similarity is that both the MC are fat but for different reason. Piggy duke got fat to make people look down on him on purpose, this series MC got fat because of passive skill Glutton made him fat after eating some food. The original piggy duke before reincarnator took control is mastermind type, while this piggy before reincarnator took control is just a mob.

    This series is mostly about MC grinding and try to power up his family (since if he got famous, his family might get kidnapped) and the social hierarchy based on power system at school where people with higher rank class look down lower rank class, the MC also being looked down by his classmates for being fat and the weakest. The discrimination based on power is quite terrible, worse than Classroom of Elite. They treat class E like gofer and oppress them with fear. They also love to abuse their power to weaker people. (On side note, despite having a fiancee, it’s not like his family is especially rich or noble 😂)

    It wasnt that all bad, and I really like the discrimination stuff here, they really make sense considering that dungeon is also part of their society and all country politics are also influenced by dungeon. Though, I haven’t seen any description about involvement of dungeon and country military power, which is weird considering leveling up would allow you to obtain super human strength

    • No one was whining here. Most of the comments were just skeptical since the description was too similar to piggy duke which obviously was trash and was dropped by the author. This novel was way better than piggy duke imo, MC was very likeable and made good decisions througout the volume. I can’t wait to read the 2nd volume! Apparently it releases next year in April or something.

      As for the involvement of dungeon and country military power, it clearly mentioned how the current miliary is mostly similar to our world and the academy was created to train new adventurers who will be loyal to their country.

  • @Wavepush LOL

    I’m guessing you just got into the LN scene by reading piggy?

    Cus this is the first time an author uses the same kind of theme like another ones.

    This is like…. The millionth time really.

    Personally I don’t care about the copy and pasting as long as the writing is decent. You better get used to this now than later cus youll find a shit ton of titles copying the same kind of thing from each othrr

  • I like to think this was written by someone who read Piggy Duke and was disappointed with how the MC stayed fat across all the volumes. Will definitely give this a read lol

  • So basically, this is a mix of “My life as a Villainess” + “Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke”

  • ….At first, I thought they accidentally copied and rephrased the description of “reincarnated as the piggy duke.”

    Did the author of this series not try to search and see if there are other series like this? The description is word-for-word exactly what reincarnated as the piggy duke is about

  • Man this sounds like absolute fucking garbanzo.

    I’m in.

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