The Condemned Villainess Goes Back in Time and Aims to Become the Ultimate Villain

Claudia, daughter of a duke, is tricked by her wicked half-sister and sold off to a brothel. Unwilling to accept defeat, Claudia uses the tools at her disposal and becomes one of the most successful sex workers in her new home. That’s when she dies–only to be thrust back in time to age fourteen! Gone is the gullible girl of her academy days now that she’s got street savvy and hard-won seductive skills. It’s Claudia’s turn to play the evil villainess, and there’s nothing she won’t do to protect what’s hers!

Fantasy, Josei, Romance

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  • Decent read. Sadly the Villainess actually has one instant – when she steals her sisters idea -where she is the AH.

    But what really makes me angry is the sex worker part. She’s had sex with 100s of often disgusting men yet she acts mentally like the virgin her body is after returning in time and excuses her reaction with “that body isn’t used to it”, while her reaction is clearly mentally and not just physically. Also she has no trauma of any kind, everything that happened to her is completely downplayed. Being sold off and being raped daily and then becoming the number one whore of the brothel was making her proud? That’s it? She’s just sad that dying of STD’s is so common among her coworkers but shrugs it off with “that’s life at the brothel” and only cares, gets sad, a bit when her best friend there dies.

    Generelly the way she acts has nothing at all to do with that job she had as an adult but is just general life experience and maturity. If she had been a maid or worked baking bread she would be exactly the same. There is nothing at all that indicates that sex work is what makes her good at manipulating men. Every attractive woman can do easily what she did, and Claudia even failed at times despite being claiming she is such a pro at seducing and playing men.

    • the part you mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd paragraph pretty much is why i mentioned the novel has “some elements that feels like a bit of a stretch”… especially her reactions and her declarations to the male love near the end of the novel. don’t want to spoil it too much, but that part got a “wut?!” out of me. lol.

  • it’s a setting you’ve seen a million and one times. “villainess” got into a bad situation (being sold to a brothel as mentioned in the summary), died, went back in time, do things differently. “villainess” quotation marks since you’ve probably guessed it, she’s not actually that villainess and the actual villain was someone else. the person who she thought hated her in her past live ended up loving her as expected from this genre. there are some things that are a little different which makes things a bit more interesting, but really wouldn’t say it does anything massively new. it’s not a bad read though despite having some elements that feels like a bit of a stretch. easy and comfortable enough to read through casually with brain turned off. FMC is likeable enough too. not a must read, but good enough to pass some time if you are a sucker for this genre like me.

  • review: 3/5
    doesn’t do anything special, the main antagonist is barely a speed bump, and the protagonist never does anything villain’s, which is common for villainess novels however, the title says “Aims to Become the Ultimate Villain” which just isnt the case. Besides this the main character is likable enough, likewise for the main interest.
    so if your looking for a villainess novel this is good enough, however if you looking for that does something different or special this aint it

  • Read up to Vol1 ;

    Decent writing.
    Decent plot.
    Decent lack of airheadeness, stuttering “omg he likes me???” stuff.
    Decent little read.

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