Modern Villainess: It’s Not Easy Building a Corporate Empire Before the Crash

When the economy collapses in September 2008, an exhausted career woman’s fate is left in flux…until she’s reincarnated! Now she’s Keikan Runa–the villainous daughter of the Keika Group–in an otome game set before the pop of Japan’s economic bubble. Keika Group’s financial situation isn’t great: they’re on the verge of ruin if left unchecked. However, Runa is determined to save both Keika Group and Japan through risky, smart investments. Thanks to an interest in cold hard cash, knowledge of future technology, and her awareness of Japan’s real-world future doom, Runa might just be able to nip the looming economic collapse in the bud. Witness the rebirth of Japan’s economy as Runa uses her knowledge to save her new present from the future!

Associated Names –
​It’s a Little Hard to be a Villainess of an Otome Game in Modern Society

Genre –
Drama, School Life, Shoujo

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

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  • Interesting read, but there are so many errors it’s obvious no one proofread the translation. Missing letters (like “I the meantime”) or words are everywhere, it’s clear the publisher didn’t hire an editor or proofreader for this title.

    Story is great idea, but it would have been more realistic (to match the realistic events in the story) if the characters were adults with foreknowledge instead of young kids (who would believe 10 year old kids would run a corporation?)

    Still, a nice change of pace.

  • If you really have precise foreknowledge of the .com bubble you can make out like a bandit, you can probably overtake people like Warren Buffett if you do it correctly, just shortsell the companies that are gonna pop and aggressively invest on the winners like Amazon, Apple and Ebay. I doubt japanese and US regulators will ever leave you alone but hey you’re loaded. You’re probably in for a life of lobbying at that point

    Honestly knowledge from the future is unfair, although you could probably pull this kind of manouver only once because of cause and effect… Anyway there’s a lot of financial mumbo jumbo, econ textbooks are easier to read than this. They explain to you in the first volume what they think bad debts are so you just gotta roll with their definitions but I agree with the other guy, tokeloshe, that the translator was a bit over their head

    • You might want to check up on a glossary before reading this, I think most people know what a tax Haven, a bailout and a mortgage are but I doubt most people know about the zaibatsu, IPO, bad debt, debt restructuring, company restructuring, subprime loans, sovereign bonds, financial indexes, forex etc ,etc are.

  • Really good. It takes the common otome game plot and makes it much better by removing a lot of problems readers have with it.

    -rich people are dumb and any rando employee can do their work.

    -why isn’t the mc using their education?

    -why is this so focused on relationships

    -why is the mc doing dumb stuff

    -why is the mc so dumb

    -why is the mc so unbelievable and not relatable?

    All of these are largely removed. Problem is that this became wayyyy to realistic for me but that’s a good thing. MC is very smart(genuinely smart not a genius where they study for a day and know everything)

    MC values relationships but isn’t solely focused on it. The plot is very reasonable and a lot of the things which seem to be unbelievable are understandable once you remember this is japan not a western country.

    MC knows her weaknesses and strengths and uses them well. MC also makes mistakes so no competence p*** but rather makes up for those mistakes with plans and solutions.

    It’s very likable. My only sole complaint is how much she drinks(not alcohol) and that it isn’t good for her. But that’s understandable.

    Plus unlike every other light novel where mc is either a science genius know it all or a dumb idiot who somehow passed highschool, MC knows some knowledge and slowly learns.

    There are mistakes that the mc makes that aren’t mentioned a lot in the novel but that can be attributed to the fact that mc is rich, so some money squandered on learning isn’t a bad thing.

  • 2008? i guess the author got an idea in the stock exchange crash in the US

  • Loved the cliffhanger. Cant wait for book3

  • this novel is extremely good but also one the hardest to read because one volume feels like reading 2 half volume with almost zero illustrations.

    this book thick bro.

  • This is a really good novel. Only prob I have is the pacing. It jumps from one scene to another without any warning. One time you are in the school, then suddenly you are in a car then in a boat then in a company building before going back to the library at school. I know its normal to change scene in novel but the way author does it is so bad.

    Still, the story is good. I’d still recommend giving it a read

  • Holy, the cliffhanger conversation between Runa and Nakamaro about the “fair” (being vague because of spoilers) gave me goosebumps. Volume 2 was a great read

  • I gave it a try…
    It was too good
    Now I’m searching everywhere trying to find book2 free
    Help T.T

  • It’s hard for me to put in words how much more interesting this modern villainess reincarnation is compared to all the fantasy ones.
    I don’t mind it as much if there’s magic involved, but after reading this it really feels like all these novels that focus almost entirely on relationships of some superficial characters are lacking substance.

    This MC doesn’t just reincarnate as a rich family’s daughter but actually makes use of her knowledge of the past to make huge investments and financial moves. In particular I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that the translation is done very well and there’s a good explanation of some of the terms used at the end each chapter.

  • First time I actually liked a villainess otome game novel lmao

  • Okay so, a big chunk of this book is financial shenanigans, with a lot of technical details.

    The trouble here is – I think it makes it very difficult to translate.

    For example, clearing “bad debts” make up a fair chunk of the narrative.

    Bad debts, are debts which you are owed, that you won’t be collecting on for one reason or another. When you declare a debt bad, you’ve basically forgiven it.

    Declaring a bad debt is basically saying “This asset is worthless, we’re taking it out of the books.”

    Our hero’s solution to “bad debts” is to take advantage of the .com bubble, but that doesn’t really solve the fact that her debtors aren’t paying up. A story around dealing with bad debts, from a villainess POV, should involve hiring people to go break some legs.

    Which is to say, I suspect the translator is using the wrong terms for things, which makes a lot of the business-speak come off as financial word salad.

  • You’d be better off reading a textbook than reading this.

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