Miss Savage Fang

DAINTY ON THE OUTSIDE, FEROCIOUS ON THE INSIDE Mylene has it all: She’s the daughter of nobility, she boasts incredible aptitude with magic and the blade, and she possesses striking vermilion-tinged locks that signify she’s been chosen by God. Yet this elegant warrior hides a shocking secret—inside her lurks the soul of the strongest mercenary in history, Savage Fang. In his past life, Savage Fang cut down countless foes of superior ability for his employers with nothing but cunning and strength. Now reborn as Mylene, this former sellsword will use her past experience and newfound powers to shape the world as she sees fit…even if she has to get her aristocratic peers involved along the way!

Associated Names
Savage Fang Ojou-sama
The Tale of Little Lady Who Conceals “Savage Fang”
Lady Savage Fang – History’s Greatest Mercenary Reincarnates as the World’s Cruelest Lady and Becomes Peerless in this Second Life

Genre –
Action, Fantasy, Gender Bender, School Life

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1 epub/pdf
Latest Update: Vol 1

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Comments 4

  • The artist kayahara is the illustrator of shiori novella

    I knew it when i saw those eyes!

  • Is that LN “Asura blossom…” too vicious and brutally intense for your preferences?
    Is Kuma kuma bear bear too cuddly but funny?

    Then read this here LN!

  • main character design reminds me of Destiny from Takt Op, which was what made me start reading this so quickly. finished it fairly quickly too in almost 1 sitting because it was surprisingly good. it has interesting and likeable characters, slightly humourous interactions between some of the characters, good action scenes writing, and plot that is interesting to me. good conclusion to a sub plot in a single volume, while still having a main and bigger overarching plot brewing in the background it seems. Good writing and pacing too imo. really enjoyed it. the illustrations slaps too. looking forward to future volumes for sure.

    • The problem is that after the second volume there was nothing more. It was like watching 2 episodes of an anime only to realize that there are no more. There are also no infos on the 3rd volume which is a shame Mylene is a cool character.

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