I’m Not the Hero!

Once upon a time, there was a middle-aged Japanese salaryman, a schoolgirl, and a speed demon of a truck driver. The man tried to rescue the girl from the truck, and… Well, I bet you can guess what happened next.

That man was me, by the way—“was” being the operative word, because the next thing I knew, I came to inside the world of my favorite game, Braves and Blades, as Rex Tauren. Rex is the most powerful character in the early stages of BB, a level 50 jack-of-all-trades who’s got tons of class skills and one huge drawback—Rex is only a minor character, so past the tutorial stage, his growth rate tanks and he’s all but useless.

In other words, my quest is now to find BB’s true protagonist and dump all of this saving-the-world stuff on them. I just wanna kick back and… Hold up! Why does everyone keep calling me the hero?!

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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  • Volume 2 is still kinda decent too and easy to read through, though i feel like there is a bit too much of the troupe, “MC seems like he’s gonna lose, but he secretly has another card up his sleeve and pulls a reverse UNO”. Though Volume 2 didn’t feel like it has progressed much in terms of story and feels like the entirety is just them trying to get stronger, and MC “building confidence” or something. Still a decent read overall, but hopefully things progress a bit more in the next volume.

  • I am not picky about LN, but I cannot stomach a novel where the MC is awesome but wastes time on self deprecation.
    Once is enough to give us the idea, yet he keeps saying he is pathetic and keeps on repeating to the point I decided this is self deprecating to read.

  • How come this one is not listed on Novel Updates?

  • Pretty good read overall just based on Vol.1 imo. the writing is decent enough and easy enough to read through apart from a few perspective change which got me a little bit confused at first as to whose POV it was. Will have to see how it goes for future volumes but this volume does have a lot of world building elements and explaining of the “game world” mechanics. MC is likeable along with the supporting characters. The premise might be quite cliche, but the underlying plot/storyline so far is interesting enough and i think there are a lot of potential for world building and a much deeper plot if the author wishes to do so.

  • The author states in the afterword that he is first and foremost a game developer / designer and likes to torture his players with difficult tasks who takes an endless amount of tries to get past them. But luckily for the MC of the story he as the author, as a player, wants his characters to overcome those trials.

    In fact, in difference to many game-world novels the systems and rules of this world are not just complex but also well thought out. But since this is a real world game rules only apply to a certain extent. A very simple example right from the beginning would be that in games dungeon walls are basically indestructible. In reality a wall is a wall and no matter how sturdy with enough force can be penetrated. The MC uses this fact to reach an unreachable platform that functioned as a shortcut to get out of a place after conquering a dungeon to get in instead and skip the normal route.

    I really like that take how the MC exploits those game mechanics. Also Rex himself is wondering how this world of Braves & Blades is definitely a game world since it has pens and paper notebooks and a casino with slot machines and is not a realistic fantasy world with tons of gimmick items.

    Also the original game is not just playable with a controller but the true fun is playing it with a “Wiimote”. As everyone who played games like Wii sports knows you don’t need to really swing your whole arm with the virtual tennis racket, you only need to flick your wrist to get the same effect. The MC uses that knowledge to manually do sword arts that are way more efficient than the automatic one’s that are always the same after being executed by the press of a button.

    All these exploits allow the MC to fight enemies who are way stronger, the author comes up with a lot of tricks during those fights and they all make sense and are even foreshadowed if the reader pays attention to detail.

    The MC is reincarnated as one of the poster boy characters of the game, Rex Tauren, who actually is just a mid-level character with mediocre stats who is supposed to help the player in early game but is useless later on because it is almost impossible for him to level up.

    In general this is a very good read if you like video games and know about game mechanics. If you just want to read an interesting fantasy novel you might become a bit disappointed because there is not much going on. The forced encounter battles are fun and well described, the change in point of view gives insight into other characters feelings but I think also distract a bit too much.

    So far, after reading vol. 1 I would give 4/5 Stars.

  • This is pretty decent almost plane good, if you have the patience it’s worth waiting for a few more volumes because I do wish I could continue the story right now. I’ll give a 6.8/10. It’s a bit “fillery” I didn’t get too annoyed by it though. But the extra page count over the standard (±320 vs ±470 on my ereader) is largely due to it’s “filleryness”. He drones on about computer game mechanics a lot. Still there’s a good amount of story being told.

    At times I was afraid this was going down the road of one of those support character stories like ‘Banished from the Hero’s Party…’ where the main character is stuck at a decent but not great power level with no room to grow. That never is all that satisfying to read. But here we have a main character working to do something about his never more than mediocre character he got stuck with.

    I’m also glad it doesn’t play the big cliffhanger card. It could have gone that way but even at the end we get the full fight + a decent epilogue.

  • It is an isekai/into Gameworld type novel.

    Read up to Vol 1

    Surprisingly decently written and decent-ish enough characters.
    Setting is thankfully not trapped by having stats everywhere and status screens dominating the thinking; Instead, such is unknown to anyone but the MC.

    Decent read.

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