The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess

“…Fueh? W-What is it?”

When the shut-in girl Terakomari, or Komari for short, woke up from her slumber, she had been appointed as a commander! And if that wasn’t enough, the corps she holds responsibility over is known for overthrowing and murdering their superiors! Even though she had been born into a prestigious vampire family, because she can’t drink any blood, she possesses close to no athletic or physical abilities, she’s rather small for her age, and she can’t even use any magic.

Met with endless despair, her trusted (?) maid Vill comes to the rescue.

“Please leave it to me, Komari-sama. I will definitely make sure you won’t be found out!”

Thus begins the comical fantasy portraying Komari’s struggles. She’s a shut-in, but she can actually do it if she puts her mind to it!?

Associated Names
The Shut-in Vampire Princess’ Worries
Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

Translation Group
Cclaw Translation
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 6

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Comments 12

  • where are the pdf version for volume 5 and you still haven’t updated eighty six volume 12 pdf and Roshidere volume 4 pdf

  • I love how stupid Komari is because it makes this series funny.

  • This is literally as mid as it gets. It couldn´t be more cliche if it tried.
    After the first Volume I was already fed up especially with the stupidity of Terakomari. Reinstating that piece of shit character Yohan whatever is such a typical novel thing to do that no real person alive would ever do. That piece of shit is not only boviously craze he tried to kill you and willingly commited high treason against you empire and now he shows that he is nothing more but an insane piece of garbage and she thinks he is a good bodyguard? what the fuck is wrong with this girls head. That asshole character is only still there so he can be a nuisance to readers in every coming volume with his total bullshit behaviour. I despise characters like this so much I can hardly put it into words.
    Plus she runs around calling everyone a liar because she could never have such power. How can anyone say this is decent when it´s literally just a big pile of the usual cliches. There is literally nothing new or intriguing about all of this and the characters as well as the villains are just the usual boring crap.

  • Just read vol 1 – 4.
    If you pick this novel, thinking that it contains a good amount of yuri content, here is my warning:
    My thought is that the yuri vibe in this story is not very strong. The maid constantly sexually harasses Komari, which is quite annoying imo. Other heroines are very likeable such as Sakuna and Nelia. But somehow I do not feel satisfied enough. Komarin herself does not develope any romatic feelings after 4 volumes. The author seems to focus more on the “shounen” elements of the story (he/she admitted it in the after word of volume 5). The main plot up to volume 4 is quite generic: opening – problems arise, Komarin tries her hardest to stand aside – a heroine gets bullied by bad guys – Komarin becomes super sayan and kills em all (her hair changes color indeed, which makes me think of DBZ).
    It still can provide you with a good read in case you love a story about an OP MC, who does not aware of his/her power, with a small amount of yuri hints.

  • Read up to Vol 5
    Decent read.
    8 out of 10, non-IGN scale.

    MC is on the denser side of things, but not as dense as “supposedly actually well written MCs” from other LNs.

    The setting itself and her powers are quite interesting, and there´s a fair bit of almost yuri fanservice.
    At the same time, its one of those LN with blood, death and happy endings for anyone not actually death at the end of the Volume.

  • i love it sm can’t wait for the 5th volume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • really good LN! love it!

  • oooohhhh its a yuri? Dude!! you couldve told me that sooner! alright me read this, GO!

  • This was tagged as yuri when i checked the author’s twitter page though?

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