Fluffy Paradise

The Ultimate Ability: Nonstop Cuddle Time With White Tigers & Dragons!

My name’s Midori Akitsu, and I died at age 27. After my death, God told me he would give me a special ability and I would be reincarnated into another world! The gift I received was to be adored by all creatures other than humans. I’m an otherwise ordinary girl, but I’m enjoying the heck out of my isekai life and the super elite family I was born into. Every day is an all-you-can-pet fantasy animal cuddling experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns—there are some ominous rumblings on the political scene, and God is basically using me as his puppet—but I’m trying my best with the help of all the companions I’ve gathered using my awesome super power!


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Comments 1

  • Read up to half of Vol 2

    Decent, comfy writing and plot progression.

    MC is trying to be mature after reincarnating, but being in a young and still developing body shows in behavior. That said, MC is neither dense nor airheaded, more going for a slightly “selfish” vibe.
    The LN seems to have taken inspiration from stuff like “Cooking with my fluffy friends” and “..saint?! no, im a beast tamer” for fluffiness and general plot.
    That said, both MC and the reader are told directly upfront that the new world is incredibly … human-supremacist, but that god treats all species as equal and its purely a human-church-clergy-being-shitheads thing.

    MC seems to go for some building and fluffing (cuddling with animals/magical beasts), while her family and environment are generally quite positive and supportive. Some background/foreground NPC action stuff happens, but as said earlier, its a comfy read.

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