DUNGEON DIVE: Aim for the Deepest Level

A boy with superb quality 「Status」, conquering labyrinth in a different world.

「I will definitely help you, Therefore, I willー!!」
Kanami Aikawa awakes in a corridor without knowing anything. He meets a girl named Lastiara who helps him treat his wounds.
Kanami Aikawa got his wound from a battle with monster, in a place like -different world- themed game.
Together, Kanami -who can manage his skills and status well- and Tiara The Knight Girl, they go into a journey, going deep through the labyrinth.
Go into the deepest side of the labyrinth, and your wish shall come true. That’s what people said.
This story is about a boy who goes into the deepest side of the labyrinth in order to make his wish come true.

Associated Names
Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen.

Translation Group
Ridwan Translation
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 6 (Official)

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Comments 27

  • If you are here for the harem – forget it, just pass by.

  • the fuck with official translation, it barely understandable.
    its so annoying with how bad it was.

  • This novel is slow burn masterpiece. I suggest to read up to volume 3 before giving an opinion. Because that’s where the true nature of this series is revealed.

    And yet it’s still the prologue. There is 100 floors in the labyrinth, and vol 3 just covers about the “true” trial of 10th floor. Followed by the “true” trial of 20th floor.

    The best part of this story is how far it’s different from other isekai with game-system magic. It focus more on the character’s mental than their strength. You will see a lot of broken or insane people.

    My favourite part is when the MC is so stressed out by his problems, and then he decides to grinding a whole day. He thinks getting stronger maybe will ease up his problems somehow. But it’s not solving anything at all. What he does is just the same as when someone procrastinate by cooking or cleaning.

    This scene turns funny when you know MC’s bad habit from childhood. Whenever he has problems that he can’t do anything about, he will try not thinking about it. He is basically running away from reality with playing games. It just feels so ironic.

    There are a lot of moments like this. If this novel is not written a decade ago, it would be called a parody. The story shows that even if you go to isekai, if you haven’t changed yourself, it just meaningless.

    The story is not about isekai as escapism from real world, or a story to torture the MC in isekai. But a “trial” to make the MC stronger to solve his regret/resentment when he goes back to real world.

    Also warning: There are a lot of brainwashing and mind control. For example, {The purest form of “brainwashing”, that greater than any “magic”, is what the parents say to their children when they grow up}. It’s truly messed up.

    • Have read 3 volumes, it was hard.
      “focus more on the character’s mental than their strength” – not exactly true. He’s constantly leveling up and inventing new spells – this is obviously one of the main progressions of the plot. I’d say mental strength isn’t worth mentioning at all, since he didn’t even know all the information to decide what to do.
      I didn’t enjoy the plot much at all. Three volumes stretched over a very short period of time. The MC has only one concern – to conquer the dungeon to return to his sister, that’s all. In doing so, he has to deal with mentally unstable people (he himself is subject to mental manipulation through a mysterious skill).
      It’s not that the novella is bad – the author tries to make the characters feel alive. But it doesn’t have many enjoyable moments.

  • The previous dungeon depth record was floor 22. They scale roughly linearly within batches of 20 but exponentially between the batches. I just don’t know how the author can plausibly get the story to floor 100 without taking so much time to power up that the plot grinds to a halt.

  • Wake me up in my coffin for chapter 5-16

  • There would be a lot of yandere, because as the story progresses (depends on u) it might make you frustrated due to many going crazy or already in a crazed state

  • Is there really a yandere in this novel? kinda curious tho.

    • i think there is, its been long since i read this. there is one girl who have heavy love to mc, the knight one ? or the little girl one ? cmiiw

  • The fan translation was stopped since then and the end of volume 4 keep me hanging. I’m hoping the official translation will release a volume continuously as possible.

  • This has now got an official translation on J-Novel Club
    new title:
    Dungeon Dive: Aim for the Deepest Level

  • When the next Volume? It is drop?

  • When is the next update? Any news?

  • I just need to confirm one thing.. that sith is a boy or a girl.. Damn.
    It’s really annoying how the translation switch he and she while speaking about the same person

  • when will volume 5 be updated?

  • please update volume 5 soon,thx.

  • There might be a good story here but it’s buried under a shoddy translation.

  • I saw maoTL already translate it until the middle of vol.4

  • when will the next volume be release?

  • need better TL. TL too loose and its hard to make sense.

  • Ridwan was far from the best translation.
    Here’s to hoping the new translator is much improved!

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