Though I Am an Inept Villainess: Tale of the Butterfly-Rat Body Swap in the Maiden Court

In the Kingdom of Ei, five clans put forth their maidens as imperial consorts–but only one will be crowned empress. Just when frail and beautiful “court butterfly” Kou Reirin seems poised to marry the crown prince, jealous “court rat” Shu Keigetsu steals her body! Reirin wakes up in the dungeons as the conspirator, and things look dire…or do they? Now that she’s got a robust new body, not even the looming threat of execution can stop her!

Associated Names
Futsutsuka na Akujo de wa Gozaimasu ga ~Suuguu Chouso Torikae Den~

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 6

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Comments 11

  • the 4th volime looks to be missing its last chapter.

  • The stories’ setup is that of an ancient China novel with Japanese names, the MC and several other girls live in a court to study to become the crown prince’s wives. Reirin is the most popular girl and becomes the victim of a body-swap with the “sewer rat” of the court, the most hated girl. Instead of lamenting her situation she suddenly finds herself in a very healthy body and with the freedom to do whatever she likes. So she takes full advantage of that and just enjoys her life. The girl she switched her body with however is not so lucky, since Reirin’s body is weak und sickly, riddled with fevers and illness. 

    As it turns out, the jealous girl who made the body switch was lured to do so because there is a whole bigger plot going on in the background. After that issue is solved and the two become sort of friends at the end of vol.2 the story starts to go a bit downhill. 

    The two male leads are solala, they compete about Reirin but what for? If the crown prince chooses her he will get her anyway, what his half brother does is totally meaningless unless he wants to be executed. 

    The author also goes too easy on most villains. In a pure lighthearted fairy tale setting that might be okay but the story is quite serious and dark at times. The story is contradictory, in the beginning it is stated that people get executed just for slandering and other verbal offenses and later people get away almost scot-free with attempted murder and rape? That’s nonsense. 

  • Bruh, sounds like that rat girl is in for a ride inside a frail and sickly body.

    Seems like a fun read.

  • been a fan of the series since the 1st volume. all the volumes has been interesting so far and the growth of the characters and progression of the story is done really well. really enjoyable read IMO.

  • Out of all the otome-villainess novels I’ve read, this one has the touch of realism when it comes to characters. The male heroines in this novel are not creepily obsessive or chivalrous like the other novels. That made them more human. And some females are still petty, but more reasonable than in other novels. Overall, I enjoyed this.

  • We need more novel like this (no more harem masses)

  • At first it’s a bit hard to take the MC seriously, which helps with the comedy aspect, but the base/structure is good so makes for a pleasant read.

    Then, before I noticed, I had finished the first volume, was invested in the characters & couldn’t wait to read the next part.

    Give it a shot, it’s good!

    Light spoilers below.

    Ok I read the second one and I got emotional with the relationship between the empress and the noble consort.

    The way the author wrote these women is really good. I like them and their motives are easy to understand. Messed up as any storyline like this one can be, but it makes sense!

    Also did not see that one coming somehow. Like, this is really well made and it was right there but I brushed it off. Praise the author! XD

  • The first volume has the wrong third chapter, seemingly from a completely different story, is that an error in the original source too?

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