Death’s Daughter and the Ebony Blade

— She is a girl with a bright smile on the battlefield.

With her silver hair fluttering in the air and dark eyes, the girl sprinted on the battlefield. Her name is Olivia, whose hands is stained with the blood of her enemies as she shows an innocent smile.

The deep knowledge and combat techniques of the entity who called itself a Death God has been branded onto her body. On Olivia’s 15th birthday, the Death God suddenly disappeared. Olivia enlisted with the Royal Army and started fighting in the war as she searched for clues.

Lunar Calendar Year 998. The Kingdom has suffered consecutive losses to the Empire aiming to conquer the entire continent. The innocent girl who lacked common sense will step into the battlefield as the “Strongest Chess Piece” of the Kingdom, and go down the path of a hero—!

Associated Names
Shinigami ni Sodaterareta Shoujo wa Shikkoku no Ken wo Mune ni Idaku (LN)
The Girl Raised by the Death God Holds the Sword of Darkness in Her Arms

Action, Fantasy

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Official J-Novel Club

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  • Binge the current 7 volumes, and while the first 6 were kinda interesting, volume 7 is so problematic that I feel like it’s good that it’s ending with the next volume (according to the afterword).

    First off, the good stuff. The main FMC is kinda interesting, and it’s nice to see her growth over volume 1-6. the 2 main supporting characters are kinda likeable too. for the most part the story unravels at good enough pace in volume 1 through 6. There are some comedic and heartwarming interactions too which is always nice to see.

    The slightly problematic stuff. I’m no historian or expert when it comes to battles/war, but i feel like the author’s choice of using very large troops is kinda unbelievable considering the state of civilisation that I think the novel is set in. It feels like it was inflated solely to show how “big” a battle was and how strong the FMC is. Then a lot of the backstory feels like it’s not that fleshed out, especially about FMC’s ancestors, etc. If the next volume truly is the last one, i hope that can be fleshed out. But looking at volume 7… i kinda doubt it. Also, one thing that i keep thinking about, is how bad the intelligence network is on the FMC side. lol. Every tom dick and harry country already know what’s going on and even having latest news and being able to pass messages so quickly, but for some reason, despite being a supposedly “failing but still strong” nation, the FMC’s nation seem to be completely in the dark.

    The very problematic stuff. Volume 7. Volume’s 6 ending and what happened has a massive impact on FMC, and the author basically edged everyone by only mentioning a little mid volume, and only going back to it at the end in a very very short chapter. This is hugely problematic to me personally because that’s what I want to read about. But instead, we get fillers about things happening in the war from many many MANY different POV, with many pages about new characters which obviously I don’t give a hoot about talking about things that we already know (and things they are seemingly planning to do), followed many many MANY pages about the “devastating” things going on all around, and a lot of it just repeats similar information that has been told before. After many many pages off all these things, even the “devastating” things that should have been more impactful, just feels hollow, pointless, and tedious. To the point where now I just have no interested in any of the side characters already because you know that they probably aren’t going to matter.

    Also, the foreshadowing in too obvious. For example, what happened at the end of volume 6 was foreshadowed so hard that there was zero surprise when it happened. There was another thing foreshadowed too about what Z did to FMC when they met again, and let’s see if that pans out too. won’t be surprised if it does. Oh, and despite the series being called “Death’s Daughter and the Ebony Blade” suggesting it’s mostly revolving around FMC, in volume 7, the FMC showed up for maybe around 5% of the whole volume or less? Estimation here, but that’s how it felt like to me at least.

    Anyway, a lot of the stuff in volume 7 could have been summed up in a couple of chapters imo. I’m complaining a lot and typing a lot because on the whole, i enjoyed the first 6 volume. volume 7 was such a punch in the gut, not because of what actually happened in the novel, but because of how unenjoyable it was to read through and how tedious it was. Even for folks who enjoy reading about war and tactics, I don’t feel like much of that happened in volume 7 at all. It was just things happening… sigh.

  • Please update the pdfs already it’s been months since you guys updated it and it’s getting real annoying waiting, not everyone likes to read the Epub versions. Please fix this problem

  • why pdf so slow
    missing 3 vols compare to epub

  • Writing is decent, and the cast of minor characters is decent.

    But i am more or less losing interest over the last volumes, it feels very much like “Oh, i have these characters here, they are in important positions that cant contribute to the story/plot at this point, so i will kill them off (for good, no fake outs) right now” crammed in as “filler” between “crucial” plot developments.

    Since the MC is the opposite of airhead OP (aka “Uninterested and Sane but killer” OP), having a cast of different minor to major characters in their own scenes to explore the plot and decisions is a good thing and moderately well done in this LN.
    But the way a lot of them get killed off “randomly” is just not enjoyable for me.

  • thank for update

  • Do you know any novels like that 😶

  • thanks for the update!

  • An magnificent ln. highly recommended. the over use of word “ebony” by the translator is annoying though so I had to find+repaced it with “dark”

    • the right word is black… i don’t know why J-novel seens afraid of calling things that are black, well, black… in this case is the “black sword” turned in to “ebony sword” in the case of “i am a spider so what…” they turned the “black god and white god” in to “ebony god and ivory god”

  • This one is good. I read up to vol 3, the story pacing is good. Not only from MC POV but also from the enemies view.

  • Is this the same as The Girl Raised by the Death God Holds the Sword of Darkness in Her Arms? Because the info sounds identical and the novel covers are the same. If yes, why the name change?

    • This name is based on the name JNovelClub uses. As for the reason why they change, I guess they just want to have a short one but have the same meaning.

  • What the hell is ebony blade ?

    It was Dark Sword in WN and that was better
    also the original title sounds much better

  • This sounds like a ripoff of The Girl Who Ate a Death God. If anyone’s read both, is that an accurate assessment?

    • This one is lighter and for me more interesting, but the general opinion seems to disagree. It is considered a worse clone, but I wouldn’t call it bad or a ripoff. Worth reading.

      • Thanks for the reply. I was waiting until a few volumes came out to read it and judge on my own. I’ll give it a shot now.

        Also go read Girl Who Ate a Death God if anyone else hasn’t yet read that, it’s great.

  • This was dropped by the translation team

  • Vol. 4 please

  • Thank you so much 😆😆😆

  • Link is dead please re-upload

  • volume 4 already translated.

    please update

  • No volume 4?

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