Looks Are All You Need

Ryouran High School is a private arts academy full of geniuses in every field-music, dance, fashion. But in reality, it’s looks, not talent, that decide its students’ success. My sister, Shika Ikebukuro, is a shut-in who can’t do anything without her older brother, and I was sure that devastating lack of charisma would doom her. But I know a secret. Behind her mask, the internet sensation VSINGER is none other than my sister Shika! Her voice is one-of-a-kind, but will it be enough to overcome Ryouran High’s entire social order?

Genre –
Comedy, Fiction

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-2 and Side story
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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Comments 9

  • volume 1 was kinda interesting back when it came out due to the slightly unique premise. despite the rather “normal” synopsis, there are some slightly “fantastical” elements to it still. Was still a rather light hearted read with some comedic elements too. volume 2 was a little less so for me because it just feels like the overall arc is so similar to the first volume, just that it’s a different supporting female character this time round. It’s not a bad read for me still, but it’s a little on the boring side for me. Feels like there isn’t really any progression in the story other than introducing a new girl. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • If anyone has read this… does the little sister change her looks during the story? I really hate it when cute natural girls cut their hair or try to become “beautiful” or have people around them who do this to them. Generaly speaking, I like necömi’s artwork, and I like (little) sister plots, but I don’t have the motivation in me to read a story about a girl being bent to fit society’s standards about “beauty”…
    So I’t rather get some feedback before I start reading this. I hope someone can help 🙂

  • at first I dunno about how the unmotivated MC (male protagonist/brother) can keep my interest in subsequent chapters, but the way he talk his way throughout volume 1 and that rationality for keeping his genius sister safe is freaking savage!!! ..I like this so far.

  • How come this one is not listed on novel updates?

    • Cause novelupdates is not an archive or library for books. idk what people call it, but it’s a website about third party linkers? to some other websites made by fan translators to host their translation. and if no one translated this, and I mean a fan translation, not official, then no one would’ve likely submitted a form of this novel and thus why it is not listed.

  • Why is there a “Fiction” tag when literally all titles here are fiction….

  • Read up to Vol 1
    Writing and characters are decent.

    Not much a fan, despite the plot and writing being actually non-cringe and okay.
    It is comedy and fiction, all right.

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