My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World

Eizo is a middle-aged, overworked software engineer who loves cats. One night after working late, he saves an injured cat from a speeding truck. The cat survives, but Eizo does not… Luckily, that cat turns out to be a god-like being who offers him a second chance in another world! Eizo decides that he wants a slower life, one where he can live off the things he creates with his own hands. So, why not become a blacksmith? He does have one other stipulation: a cat companion for his quiet life. These requests are granted, and Eizo is whisked away to a new world and imbued with blacksmithing knowledge. He soon finds out that his abilities are above average—in fact, his new skills are so overpowered that they’re like cheats. On top of that, his cat companion turns out to be a half-tiger girl! Eizo’s blades soon garner attention, and he realizes that he can turn the tides of battle with his forge and hammer. With so much commotion in store, will Eizo truly be able to enjoy a quiet life?

Associated Names
Different World Slow Life Begun at the Smith
Kajiya de Hajimeru Isekai Surōraifu

Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen, Slice of Life

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Comments 41

  • Six weeks and still no vol.8 PDF.

  • Can I just ask what the point of having all these characters fawning over the MC is if he’s never going to act on it? The story was really decent at first, but then you have these future scenes where it shows he never had children

    Like.. why? Why do they do this? Why include the harem genre if you’re not at least going to give the MC even a SINGLE love interest?

  • Vol 8 out, update pls 🙏

  • Vol 7 is out in JNC

  • Will there eventually be any intimacy with the girls? Or will he still live with them as a virgin?
    The manga is drawn by an amazing artist, but if you ask about the plot (the original source), too many doubts pop up about whether it’s worth reading.

    • Nah, romance is not a subject, he is more like a father-figure / uncle type for the girls. The MC actually is kinda scared to leave his mark on the world and that someone could inherit his cheats.

      With the current setup this is a series that can theoretically run for all eternity since there is no real goal. It is just a slice of life adventure in another world.
      This leads to quite the diverse quality, for example vol. 2 and 4 were really boring while other volumes were interesting and some even exciting depending on the subject of that volume. In general it is a pretty relaxing read.

    • There are these “flash forward” parts (far into the future) where it’s clear he never had any children (why some writers think such spoilers are a good idea?). So this whole harem situation is going nowhere and therefore it’s even more pointless than harem situations are to begin with. It would have been so much better if he just gathered people around him over time (like a few real apprentices) instead of this nonsense harem (even the friggin dog and dino horse are girls).

      It started of good but yet again the harem stuff ruins it.

  • Vol6 is now updated. Please use the upper link as the bottom link is a trap which leads to an endless loop

  • still no PDF for volume six, one month later

  • Vol 6 should be released digitally today

  • it’s so boring! I like smithing or other types of slice of life isekai, but there needs to be SOME tension or conflict to get the reader’s attention OR if not some tension, at least details. Here you can see that the author barely knows about blacksmithing (author insists that sharpness is the mark of a good sword when you can make a toothpick sharp, that’s just how it works) now since this is a magical world, maybe there’s some rule or some shit that can make sharpness the most relevant part of a weapon, but there’s no detail!

    When he makes a weapon it’s almost the equivalent of point and click! There’s no he did this, this is what this part of a weapon for, there’s no I chose this material over the other, it’s just: mc did this and that happened.

    There are no details regarding blacksmithing, there’s no tension either since he is OP MC (and I know he’s not supposed to be op mc, but when his raw power is enough to overcome everything thrown at him then how is that different from other OP MCs?)

    So we have no tension, no details, the world is bland, the stories and characters are bland, this is low tier for slice of life (I mostly read fantasy slice of life) this is just too low tier

    it’s free tho, but yeah, not really that good

    • Theres a reason its called my QUIET blacksmith life while its Japanese title has SLOW LIFE in it. You were expecting too much from this

    • As someone who studied blacksmithing as part of my job training for 3 months I have to agree. But this does count for all LN’s who have this as a topic. The authors just look a few things up on Wikipedia but lack deeper knowledge. Well, in the end it does count for all books, rarely authors have real life experience and that’s okay if they can hide it well, because most readers don’t have either.

      And at least here the blacksmithing is a skill the MC got, not something he studied himself. That’s why he also can’t actually teach his apprentice.

      I admit, the slow and quiet life can get a bit boring here and there, especially vol. 2 and 4 had that issue so far, but in general I enjoy it nonetheless. Here – usually – are no evils, everyone is nice, even the demons are nice people, and that makes it a rather relaxing read which can be a nice change of pace once in a while.

  • when will you get vol 5?

  • There´s a few cries about “harem” and a long essay about the LN on here. That essay is weirdly off-point.

    The MC is pretty much how i´d imagine a corporate drone in his 30s, unlike practically most MCs in isekai being 15ish (not counting the MCs getting reset to young age). There´s a fair bit of actually interesting dialouge in, but the entire LN is literally slice of life of a isekai blacksmith.

    The MC has an understanding that he does know the world he´s in, but also that he lacks the experience in the world. He acts like that, since he´s an 30-something guy who actually is able to discern people´s reactions and can negotiate/judge character without Isekai MMO skills.

    Its a decent enough read, and having a preamble about “future stuff” is pretty interesting to read and spices things up.
    How his weapons/crafted goods affect the world after he´s passed, in the future, is not a fucking “spoiler”. Its part of the plot to liven up the slice of life.


    Decent Read. Slice of Life with Isekai Blacksmith.
    No real fanservice.

  • Dropped it right after the prologue, what kind of shiity warrior abandons a fight after confirming that his equipment is a close match with that of his enemy, if the peace was so easily achievable then why they were fighting in the first place?

    • I pictured it funny if the enemy also be like, “Oh shit! They have the same weapon as me! Gotta go back put a skin on it and paint it a little, make it different, so that I could continue the fight!”

  • Ok, I’ll drop this series because the translation has become too woke.
    There’s at least 4 altercations to the original dialogues to accommodate the woke Westerns. Why the heck the translator need to alter ‘racial supremacy’ into ‘diversity issues’? Or ‘offenders’ into ‘bigot’? And that’s not even the worst changes.

  • Dropped around vol 2-3.

    Relatively chill and nice to read. Generally pretty good and lovable characters as wel. Interesting enough to say the least.


    One, Harem tag is wrong, that or will be more pronounced and set up in later volumes. Hopefully not so abruptly nor weirdly, despite dropping the series, I do hope so that it doesn’t just end up being poor harem with little to no actual thought behind it. For the characters and for the readers alike, as well as of those who actually can truly enjoy and care about the series or so.

    Two, the Mc is insufferable. He’s generally good but also bad. Not a scum or anything like that as far from what I can recall and can tell anyways with my experience with the read. Props on making the Mc be responsible and nice, or so I’d like to say. Well, relatively speaking, he is but also not. For those who think the Mc is being serious or so, better not. He’d have moments like think about what stuff to make and for whom but at the end of the day, he’s really just churning out whatever to whoever he likes and such. The more complicated details are actually still just thrown out pretty much entirely or at the very least most of them are.

    Minor spoiler but for example, he makes it so that anyone who can come to he’s abode, he’ll potentially serve, though that’s honestly with the benefit of doubt. If I could recall it right, pretty certain what he actually said and implied was that, he’ll serve pretty much anyone that can come to his personal abode. Trusting a merchant that he really barely knows anything about except seemingly being nice (which they were as far as what was shown and implied anyways from the get go) that they’d send worthy people his way. Though given how the Mc actually is, pretty certain he didn’t even think that far, only as far as serving pretty much anyone that can come to his place. Though if they obviously a bad character, the Mc most likely wouldn’t serve them or hopefully not anyways but yeah. There could be and are sly people and such.

    Many more half baked ideas and concern are and will plague the Mc. Better just throw common sense out from the get go ad not be fooled by how the novel and Mc seems to be chill and reasonable. Well, chill still generally speaking, but the kind of chill with pretty much reckless abandon or so.

    The novel seems to have tried to have been a bit more serious and reasonable but all in all, all or most reason are pretty much discarded and are nothing at the end of the way. With the Mc pretty much seemingly contemplating a bit then immediate pretty much just shrugs and goes think and do whatever just a sec later, like going 360 and saying “My swords can kill and do harm…Anyways, you want a sword? Sure friend! Would love to give you quality swords. You do whatever you want with them, not my responsibility nor any concern, hahaha” The Mc pretty much goes like that most if not all of the time.

    Though again, the novel is still a relatively nice or at the very least okay read, especially if you can just turn your brain off or so, though personally I’d say no to that, especially if you’re gonna argue about how it’s only good but denying or averting your eyes or so from the blatantly wishy washy and irresponsible shortcoming s and flaws of it such as with the Mc. You can still enjoy it but if you think that’s actually reading and you making a fair point and argument when you can’t even see or admit its bad points, even when it is so obvious, better just keep singing praises just in your head or so. With all due to respect and seriousness it is still a nice read, and we of course have our own preferences and such, but do not think that only your opinion counts and matters, that its right and anyone or anything that opposes it is wrong and bad. Especially in actually logical arguments and constructive criticism and such. Just singing praises is far from actually making an actual argument or point.

    In any case, the series is interesting and enjoyable enough still but also generally generic as well. Generic Isekai with an op Mc that’s also on a dense side like usual if I can recall it right and with supposed harem too. Just doing whatever they want with little to no actual thought to the would be or should be possible consequences and such. A nice little read to pass the time with your brain turned off to say the least.

    • Almost forgot.

      Mc has had a lot of time to actually learn and such, even just a bit more. But as far as I can recall from my reads, he has little to no actual growth to speak of. Like even learning a bit more about the local area or so aside from what he just so happens to hear and pick up upon or so but otherwise, doesn’t go out of his way to actually learn more and such. Even then, normally or should ge anyways, more common sense would be present. Mc really shows little to nothing when it comes to that department, pretty much just like any other op isekai protagonists that are dense too and such. If anything, the antagonists and others show more actual concerns and thoughts despite them getting possibly to really stupid extents and such.

      Again, pretty much half baked in general. Relatively nice still but yeah.

      Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong and such, but with all due respect and seriousness, make sure to have an actual point or so and not just singing praises and cause you like it but don’t like my comments or so.

  • This dont even count as Harem the genre is wrong or is going to be 5 or 6 books in the future.
    My real problem is he is at this point a bladesmith, a repetitive one and i dont see the author changing that, in book one that was fine and dandy, relaxing even, at book 2 is tiresome

  • Is this a harem with dense af protganist?

  • DO NOT read the prologue. It pretty much gives away the ending. After reading it my motivation to keep reading dropped by 98% so I didn’t (keep reading).

    • Well I picked it up later and it turned out ok enough. But the harem nonsense has gotten out of hand once more. Six girls (or maybe I should say eight and zero male presence except for the mc) and building more rooms for more (vol 7) and we already know he’s never going to have kids…

      You know I’ve been wondering couldn’t he “invent” the screw!? I mean he’s been nailing door hinges to the frame, that’s gonna be trouble at some point. And threading tools aren’t anything complex it just needs to be accurate which shouldn’t be an issue with his abilities.

  • Does a slice of life story about a blacksmith really need to be a harem?

  • man can we get a fucking isekai thats not a harem? im so sick and tired of it by now

  • AAAHHHHH FINALLY it’s here, Kajiya 👀 Tqsm JLN~ 🙏

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