The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt (Hey, How About Treason)

The prince of this small and weak kingdom strives for only one thing: selling out his country and living a quiet life in leisure! Sadly, the greatest obstacle he will ever face is his own genius…! As he achieves ever greater accomplishments, he earns more and more favor with the people of his kingdom…which makes fulfilling his own dreams all the harder!!!

Associated Names –
Prince of genius rise worst kingdom ~YES,treason it will do~
Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu ~Sou da, Baikoku Shiyou~

Genre –
Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-11 epub/pdf
(Download any Selected or full)
Latest Update: Vol 11

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