I Guess This Dragon Who Lost Her Egg to Disaster Is My Mom Now

The Way Of The Dragon Is The Way To Become Strong!

XXXX, a man used and abused for general tasks by his adventuring party, finds himself on the verge of death in dragon territory in the Kugus Mountains after a party member stabs him in the back. Literally, the next time he opens his eyes, he’s in the nest of a red dragon named Kaphal whose egg was destroyed in a natural disaster. Having lost both his memories and his name, he turns instead into a young girl named Lushera. And apparently, Kaphal plans to raise Lushera as her own daughter…? This is the story of the odd fate binding one dragon and one human, the story of an unconventional mother and daughter.

Action, Adventure

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Comments 6

  • Does anyone has the second Volume?

    I can’t find any place which has it sadly.

  • I liked this one, looking forward to more. Are there any LN with similar concept to this one out there?

  • Disappointed that the dragon mommy got a skill to transform and talk this soon. The author shoulda saved that for later. Even more so for the confession, I wish the author didnt do it so soon. It could’ve been a gem if they did that, now it felt more generic…. The writing was decent, though. The events had proper setups.

    • That’s some real bummer. But, it’s probably best to go that way; not many readers would actually want to go through all that after all. Otherwise, this book would never see any publication.

  • Yay I didn’t know this was getting translated. Only saw 5 chapters of the manga but wanted more dragon mama ♥

    • Read up to Vol 1, no knowledge of manga, etc.

      Decent read.
      Decently written.
      Characters are characters with motivations and flaws, mild denseness, nothing major so far.
      No whiplash of “shocking” violence or other themes brought up for simple “its cool, right!!” value.

      Would read again.

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