The Invisible Wallflower Marries an Upstart Aristocrat After Getting Dumped for Her Sister!

Can An Ordinary Aristocrat And A Nouveau Riche Tsundere Find Love In An Unconsummated Marriage?!

Iris, the daughter of a marquess, not only had her fiancé stolen by her younger sister, but she also ended up having to marry Lord Lucas, a nouveau riche merchant who was shouldering her family’s debts. However, this former-commoner-turned-baron’s reason for marrying her was just to have Iris teach him and his servants how to survive in high society!

“I was told that I lack presence and that I’m like air. If someone as plain and dull as myself could be of any use to you, I will be more than happy to help, Lord Lucas,” Iris said with complete seriousness, throwing Lucas off guard. Will Lucas be able to resist being slowly drawn to the dedicated Iris, who strives to support him and the people in her life? A complicated romcom that starts with a mariage blanc begins here!

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  • vol 2 please 🙏

  • I would have preferred if she were actually “lacking presence and like air, someone as plain and dull,” to ANY degree. As it stands, she’s just a conventionally pretty girl who’s petite and more outgoing sister stole her spotlight growing up. She and her title-purchasing husband are just a little too exceptional at everything they do.

    I did enjoy this, overall, but it definitely isn’t doing anything unique or groundbreaking. 7/10

  • doesn’t do anything mindblowingly new or novel, but characters are likeable, story is interesting enough, and pacing is good. same author as The Inconvenient Life of an Arousing Priestess which was also a fun read imo. can’t wait for the next one

  • Thank you so much ♥️

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