Make It Stop! I’m Not Strong… It’s Just My Sword!

Crow Titus is the greatest hero in the land. He’s gallant, brave, and adored by all—the perfect warrior. Or he would be if not for one minor detail: it’s all an act! He’d like nothing more than to take it easy and live a quiet life, preferably with an above-average girlfriend and a significant amount of wealth. Unfortunately, his cursed blade takes control of his body in its quest for its favorite meal—souls. But thankfully, it prefers to feast on the wicked. So in order to keep his curse a secret (and his sword satiated), Crow must keep up the act as a hero and slay the dangerous aetherborn that have been plaguing humanity for a thousand years. Otherwise, his sword might turn its hunger on the innocent and turn Crow into a mass murderer!

Associated Names
A demon sword possessed my body. To cover this up, I pretended to be an evil condemner, but I was entrusted with the disposal of SSSSSS Rank Criminals and Monsters…!~
Stop It! It’s Not Me That’s Strong… It’s the Sword…!
Maken ni karada o ubawa reta ore.
Yamete kure, tsuyoi no wa ore janakute ken’na nda……!

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Shounen

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Comments 6

  • wait where’s volume 2?
    I’m about 70% done reading it and is about to comment my thoughts on how ridiculous it is(in a good way) but it’s not here?
    (ofc I’ve realised I downloaded it on a different site)
    can’t really comment on it if it’s not even up yet now can I?

  • The same author of that brain-dead healer who spam cow based attacks…..

    Btw shoundnt there be an update?

  • the author said she would show BOB if she saw you share her work, its a trap!!!! she’s a highschooler,

  • oh this one is a good read.
    although the denseness of the MC is reasonable, you might hate the one sided harem of it, look at it as comedy instead of romance.
    and yes the MC is OP here but nothing’s wrong with it, in fact MC trying to reign down the weapons is in itself interesting.

  • It was a funny misunderstanding harem novel that actually makes sense since the protagonist is an orphan peasant boy who didnt have much interaction with other people, Not some brain-dead Japanese reincarnator.

    Since people put distance with him and he didnt have any close people to teach him stuff, he often reach his own conclusion that was way off the mark and there was no one to fix it.

    And while he is OP, his body suffers cathastropic damage and he has no control over his action (the sword is pretty much has total control while its hungry for soul). So he is a character who can be sympathized.

    All in all, a fun read.

  • It’s a good read

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