I’m a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl’s Pet

Nobody asked to be a cat!

After dying in a fight against the forces of evil, a knight is shocked to discover that instead of being reborn as a hero of humanity, he starts his new life as a behemoth-one of the most powerful monsters in the world! The only problem is that a baby behemoth looks an awful lot like…an adorable house cat?! Things grow even more confusing when a beautiful elf adventurer rescues him from the brink of death rather than finishing him off. This house-cat-slash-knight’s baffling journey is just getting started…

Associated Names –

S-Rank Monster no “Behemoth” dakedo, Neko to Machigawarete Elf Musume no Pet toshite Kurashitemasu

Genre –
Adventure, Ecchi, Isekai, Comedy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press Ver

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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Comments 4

  • Just kill yourself…

  • If you read the title, synopsis, tags and saw the cover illustration, don’t expect your sense of normalcy and morals to work here. As the saying: “to each his own”, it is up to the you if you will enjoy this type of novel. this isn’t something new, we’ve seen this type of works and we all know where this is going or we can sort of guess. Personally, i liked it. It is fantasy after all.

  • when will you upload vol 2?

  • Correction:

    1.) I have indeed read up to chapter 2 earlier on.

    2.) Continued only up until the beginning of chapter 4…I am at a loss for words. The only thing I can say now is for those that are willing to venture further would be to go on at their own risks.

    3.) Final input, this was a wasted effort or ruined potential from my perspective with regards to a more casual audience and such.

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