Riku And Chise The Paperboy And The Princess

Riku And Chise The Paperboy And The Princess Vol 1

Yet another tale of a girl who is “unable to cry” and a boy who is “unable to laugh”.

Chise was shocked to hear about the divorce of her parents.

With her bright smile, she had barely managed to keep together her family that was on the verge of collapse.

And yet, it would’ve been better if she had just honestly cried and told them she wanted the three of them to be together…

Riku worked part-time as a newspaper delivery boy.

His mother was always away, absent, thus it was essential that he worked to pay his living expenses.

All he wished for was to keep drawing, however that wish of his didn’t come true either.

And although he never really hated or detested any of that, he couldn’t remember when or if he had smiled before…

Now, their paths cross in this tale of one heartrending and fragile summer.

Associated Names
Riku to Chise: Sekai wo Kubaru Shounen to Bessou no Shoujo

Drama, Josei, Slice of Life, Tragedy

Translation Group

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Comments 1

  • Mizuki Nomura! writer of Bungaku Shoujo and When Hikaru was on the Earth!
    okay, this will be good story! for josei? f*ck that! the story is good! that’s all matter!!!

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