Loner Life in the Different World

Haruka, a loner in High School was suddenly summoned to a different world. When Haruka realized it, God was standing before him with a catalog of Skills for him to choose to help him survive in the Different World. However, they were selected on a first come first serve basis, and the Cheat skills had all been picked by his classmates!?

Haruka only got the awkward left over skills, and couldn’t form a party because of his Loner skill. Even in this Different World, he has to adventure by himself. And then, he learned that his classmates were in danger and decided to save them, heading down the path of becoming strongest without relying on Cheat skills── the debut of the attack on the Different World by the strongest loner begins!

Associated Names
Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

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Review By JLN’s Community

This novel started really boring and predictable. I even made a bet with a friend that I would guess the plot…. And I did, confirmed it at not even 2% of completion.

I wanted to drop it so bad, but I kept going and I was pleasantly surprised that it did not follow the same Isekai copypasta plot as the rest.

It’s Alice of lifeish, MC doesn’t have cheats, and instead got some progress hindering skills that are broken in their own way making him actually powerful. Makes no sense right?

Imagine Handa-kun in another world. A loner that finds himself surrounded by girls who wanna protect him at some point. There’s 20 of them even.

What I liked is that the MC doesn’t give two dams and makes everyone mad. I found it to be quite funny. Yes you may call it repetitive, but again, the novel doesn’t take itself seriously.

Point is, it’s enjoyable in some ways, it’s not good. Not too shabby, you can definitely read I’d you have nothing else in mind. But don’t come expecting god tier writing. It doesn’t have it.

Score? 5/10 it’s w.e

Sometimes my genius it’s almost frightening – Jeremy Clarkson

The Sinner#1327

Comments 36

  • does this one also have the r-18 scenes from the WN?

  • The title keeps changing here. It should be “Loner Life in Another World” as it shows in the cover.

  • Vol 8 any time soon? It’s been nearly a month.

  • Volume 8 ebook has been out. Is it gonna be posted?

  • This is the most useful frustrating materials for exercising in the world. 1 vol. 4 hours exercise hahaha

  • Are PDFs being discontinued? I know that they take effort to upload, but vol 7 came out before the PDF of vol 6. It has already been a few months on some series, should I keep waiting for the PDFs?

    • Just give it up. Download calibre and read Epub ver instead. Not that I’m saying pdf sucks or anything, but you’ll have to wait a long time till someone who cares enough make those pdfs. PDF is good. its fast to open and also doesn’t consume so much RAM unlike epubs, calibre in my crappy laptop took for about 200mb of RAM, and I was like, that’s just Chrome isn’t it? Geh. Still, it’s on par with its features and options, such as custom font size, which I really like a lot.

      • Sumatra PDF Reader for Windows can also open Epub files without being a RAM hog.

        Epub is the superior format for novels anyway (when no structured data like tables require a fixed layout), it reflows to fit the screen and desired font size, which is doubly important on mobile or smaller e-readers.

  • Finished the first volume and it’s really funny, it has a lot of absurdist humor, and the way he never memorizes anyone’s name no matter what is a funny gag, still the incredibly unreliable nature of MCs PoVs is pretty frustrating

  • Where can you get the r18 version? Or is this it?

  • There’s a lot about this story to hate, and a lot to love, too. One establishing fact that readers should know is that Haruka, the MC, is the least reliable narrator I’ve ever seen in a story. His POV gives you an idea of what is going on, but other than rare times of seriousness, every detail is downplayed, made light of, or completely disregarded. Someone mentioned that his thoughts are ‘autistic rambling,’ and I almost agree. Haruka’s thoughts feel alien and unfamiliar, and he focuses on seemingly unimportant details.

    However, with some closer reading, you get a much better idea of who Haruka is. He’s weird and neurodivergent for sure, but he’s also kind and thoughtful and tends to think poorly of himself. He wants to be a hero who can protect everyone, but his stats and skills turn him into something closer to a butcher of monsters, and he recognises that.

    Seriously. Read the alternate POV chapters, and you’ll understand why this novel got published.

  • This gets old really fast. The MC is a total doormat who lets a party of completely useless girls walk all over him (they’re supposedly level 90+ but can’t clear a single floor without him, yet they treat him like a used rag anyway). Most of the series is him taking his party of useless bitches to the dungeon for powerleveling. It was funny at first but damn, talk about beating a dead horse.

  • At first it was kind of offputting to read Haruka’s autistic ramblings and straight up insane imagination but then I remembered my best buddy titled this light novel series jokingly as “The whole class is worried about Florida Man”-Isekai and then it all made sense.
    With that context, I am loving it.

  • Volume 3 is wrong. It contains an extra chapter at the start that is from volume 2.

    There is actually a “Revision 2” of the epub around which is fixed instead. Looks like the one here is still revision 1 at the time of my comment.

  • the core story itself is fun, but man, is it a pain to read.

  • It literally feels like the MC is retarded in the real sense. The way he behaves is just frustrating and the more I read of this the more I want to punch the shit out of him.

  • The humor was really good in the beginning but gets boring quick, laughed hard when he bankrupts guild and armory in 2 days and gets blame for total deflation of the town and sucking up all the money out of it. The funniest one is the receptionist at the guild. Lots of tropes are inverted, great early and then the innane nonsense gets old especially with duke/noblity behavior. Dropped but still not junk like 90% of LN’s, funny Like Konosuba, but the same humor gets old.

  • Seriously, remembering the names of the characters is confusing, especially when a new volume is out. I need to read this back to the 1st vol. all over again, for the sake of remembering the characters names
    Class rep/Nerd/Queenbee A,B,C,D ?
    Like seriously?

  • There’s a random chapter from volume 2 in volume 3

  • I read the translated WN version. Honestly the harem is rather blank besides a few ones. The 20-ish female classmates are basically bundled together. Imo it lacks reaction from male classmates over this matter.
    In WN the first 295 chapters are r-15 rated then author switched to r-18. Only one slept with MC so far but others ‘obviously’ like him.
    About the WN, the writing is improving over time. The first ~20 chapters are amateurisly done imo.

  • Great idea to leave a review on the book from JLN👍

  • Yeah no …
    Well that’s just not for me I guess.
    The start was very promising, but if the MC can’t bother to learn the names of others character, I can’t bother to read this.
    Seriously, the cover character of the first volume don’t have a name, but it’s instead called ‘class rep’s (true in the first two volume that are out at least)
    Other character are like ‘nudist girl’, ‘vice class rep B’, ‘nerd A/B/C/D’ and so on.
    From what I understood with the research function and the images, only MC and his few direct subordinate have names.

    Not having name may not be a big deal for some people, but for me it makes it unreadable (still managed to read about 150 pages, so I can tell that other than that the story is good, thought the writing is not, could also be the translation’s fault (it’s still better than MTL at least, lest I would have dropped it way earlier))

  • Very hilarious, basically the perfect novel to just turn off any logic and have fun

  • This gold.
    Did I say it is gold.
    I need more of it in my life more gold!!
    Gold gold Gold!!!

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  • Me: finally an isekai about a loner

    *sees ecchi, romance, harem tag*

    Me: are you f****** kidding me?

    • That threw me for a loop as well, lmao.

      From the cover, summary?, and tags…My head hurts. I’m compelled to try it out, out of curiosity but I can’t shake the feeling that I might regret it one way or the other.

      The comments so far is a bit mixed. For now I’m gonna abstain from reading it and just finishing my current stock whilst waiting for new ones.

    • Get over it bitch.

  • I’ve been reading the fan translation and the novel makes me smile for its absurdity.

  • Yay! New stuff appears when I desperately need something new to read!
    *see ecchi and harem tag
    Oh sh*t, here we go again… BRING IT ON!

    • Alright… This only my personal opinion after reading the early part. I’m a loner myself, but my first impression of the MC is bad lol. Maybe it’s because I’m already far older than the MC, but in my eyes the MC is just a brat who want to act edgy. A loner is just someone who like to operate by his/her own pace and have some trouble or isn’t bothered to interact with the more sociable groups. But this MC is just straight up hating everything (hating bullies is no problem, but hating those who get bullied just because they’re noisy when get they’re bullied? Jerk) with no reason, judging everyone else as bad, and all I read on the beginning are his complains… while admiting that his inner pervert secretly want to form a harem… straight up brat lol. He is simillar to Kazuma from Konosuba in term of sharpness and like to complain. But Kazuma doesn’t act edgy. And it make a big difference for me. Just hope this MC-kun will get some character development as the story goes. But if he doesn’t… well, just another LN go to the “dropped title” folder I guess. I don’t say the story is bad. I like the RPG game setting and how the god act (my first impression of the god is an old man version of Aqua from Konosuba lol). But a story with an edgy MC that act edgy without any reason or background just isn’t my piece of cake.

      • Hem…”Just_A_Wandering_OldMan”
        Well you are not really wrong but what MC do is not exactly complained about everything and everyone, its more like his own outlook about the whole situation, MC is actually quiet happy go lucky character that looks like he do a lot of foolish thing for foolish reason, but mc actually have proper thought and reason to why he do what he does

        This novel when you read it from MC POV (most of the novel did) its mostly abou MC supercial thought and nonsensical thought wich make the whole situation light and funny

        But once the series start showing from other character POV its actually start makes sense why MC do what he does and how dark the whole situation is

        You ashould at least finish vol 1 before make that comment

  • This one finally got translated, thank you admin

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