Cooking with Wild Game

Main protagonist is Tsurumi Asuta. 17 yrs old, 2nd year high schooler.

He was working as an apprentice cook at [Tsurumi-ya], managed by his father.
One day a fire broke out in [Tsurumi-ya], for the sake of his father’s cherished knife [Santoku Houchou – the japanese kind] he ran back inside to retrieve it and thus met his end. Before he knew it he awoke to an unknown environment. He was then attacked by a beast resembling a boar but a girl named ‘Ai Fa’ from the [People of Morihen] saved him. It was then that he realized he was really in different world…

Associated Names
Isekai Ryouridou

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Seinen, Slice of Life.

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Official J-Novel Club

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Review By JLN’s Community

Holy crap that shit’s good. the pacing for the overall story I thought was too slow, 13 volumes amount to around 4 to 6 books for normal novels but only 2 major arcs was done but still, good god it can be sweet, it can be exhilarating, I thought it would be another OP harem crap (there are good OP harem and there are crap OP harem) but no, not at all, shit’s good. the world is also pretty consistent. can’t wait for more. really great. definitely top tier LN but I don’t know if it’s for every isekai junkie. well if you like the 1st volume, you’ll love it, at least there’s that. not the same with shield hero where the writing (skill, technique but not really the story and characters) was pretty bad on the first 5 volumes. this one, if you read the 1st you’ll immediately know if you’ll love it or not.


Comments 43

  • In this volume they don’t waste pages and pages, and pages counting how many coins every single dish was sold by, but even without that there was little content… I still like this series, but man they take their time for something to happen…

  • Volume 24 is out please update if possible

  • V23 is out. Please update if possible.

  • I enjoy this LN. Though I think the writer has never been to a forest or met a real forest dweller.
    First, forest dwellers don’t wear veils. With so many twits and bushes in forest, those veils will got torn apart in a few minutes. Besides forest is extremely humid, that is why forest dwellers wear very few clothes to cover their bodies because their skin will always wet all the time. Imagine that wearing veil in forest is like covering your head with a wet towel, breathing will be next to impossible. Forest also has a lot of dangerous predators. When in danger, those who wear veil will be the first got caught and die.

  • V22 PDF when ? :C

  • Sincerely, do not waste your time. Everything the first few volumes does right stagnates by Volume 6, and you’re just left reading slight variations on a theme.

    If you’re here for an unconventional cooking LN focusing on wild game and more primitive cooking, don’t bother. The only animal that really gets used is wild boar, and after volume 3-ish, it’s pretty much just treated as normal pork with random fantasy names for common household ingredients, so nothing really sets it apart from others of its genre. If you’re here for romance, don’t bother. The MC only has eyes for the main Heroine, and it’s pretty much set in stone that no matter how close they get, they can’t really progress their relationship due to their positions. If you’re here for harem content, half the secondary love interests simply lose interest and by volume 9 they end up introducing new ones to fill the gaps, who also end up falling by the wayside. Action, adventure, etc. are all pretty lacking. The world and characters are decently interesting individually, but all their story just happens in the background while half of each volume is taken up by the MC running around town or the settlement doing things he’s been doing for the past dozen volumes. One volume is so egregious that it spends the first 50 pages simply describing MC’s daily routine and reestablishing facts that happened last volume. Dull in the extreme, and the one or two cute moments per volume between MC and Heroine are simply not worth it.

    I can understand appreciating a slow burn romance, but here the kindling’s all soggy and it’s just a non-starter. Please, for your sake, read something else.

    • I read this for the worldbuilding and the realistic conflict without the overpowered cheat.

      If you only read until 6th volume, I think that you didn’t reach the meat of the story, just like people who judged the entirety of Ascendance of a Bookworm on its 7th volume (the end of Part 2).

      By the 20th volume, the people of the forest edge had dealt with a certain noble house, they also strengthened the bonds with outsiders.
      Asuta managed to find some chefs who’s the master of their own specialty, so his cooking ability is not that special anymore.
      Even the forest edge chefs would grow significantly that they would reach the point where Asuta considered them his rivals.

      If you’re only looking for romance and/or harem, then yes I agree that this LN is not for you.
      But if you’re looking for a kinda realistic progress of a village, a little bit of politic, and unique world settings which is not another Tolkien-based RPGs, then this might be for you.

    • This is NOT Romance!

      This is cooking and slice of life / life in a harsh environment with some adventure mixed in set in a very well built fantasy world that is pretty different from the usual “pseudo European middle age” and more akin to pre-dark age or barbarian age.

      I totally love it because it IS something completely different. Especially the cooking doesn’t get too overbearing and there is enough going on in each volume to get me to want to know how it continues.


  • Tell me, which voulme mc finally get laid?

    • Never. There’s like no romance whatsoever between him and any of the girls or even the main MC girl. There’s a couple of girls that has feelings and shit but nothing really happen. I stopped reading at 16-17 because of that. Nothing was happening. 🙁

    • at this pace around ~ vol 100

  • Just wanted to ask. What is decryption key for the mega file. Having a hard time downloading them through browser and would like to download it through the mobile Mega app.

  • Im still following the manga adaptation but the translation i think is either slow or the updates are nowhere to be found

  • i read the info in novelupdate and it has harem tage, is it truly there?

    • Nope, there is no harem.
      MC has one (!) love interest but is the typical asexual Japanese teenager and the love interest is more like family.

      Some girls have a crush on him at times but recognize he has no interest and move on fast, some of them even ending in happy marriages with other guys.

  • good luck anon!!! may the moon be with you.

  • Volume 15, finally! Such a blessing.

  • Really enjoyed the story, quite unique though a bit on the slow side. Tip for readers, never read this while hungry…

  • Volume 14 never, anime never. Top five isekais I’ve ever encountered.
    Fine then. I will learn moon, and if I do about 20 hours a week I can probably get able to read the raws in about 24 months. Then I’ll translate it myself, goddamnit

  • After years we’re finally almost at where skythewood left off, man the new volumes can’t come soon enough it left on such an interesting point.

    • yeah, finally! this is definitely at least top 10 of all isekai novels. well written, proper characters, great world building too!

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  • Is there gonna be a 14th volume?

  • Vol 11 is out. Could you please upload it?

  • i feel like this site reminds me of all the ln that i used too read but forgot about it. anyways thanks as always justlightnovels.

  • is it good?

  • Excuse me but book vol 01,and official vol 01 cant be download, always stuck in 75%

  • Please update this one too 🙂 tnx

  • id like to request vol 8 as well please. For some reason this ln is always late everywhere

  • Vol 8 from jnc is out. Could i request it please

  • Next Update > Aug 01

  • when is the next update?

  • Ai fa <3

    This one is good too hehe

  • Vol 7 of the official release is out, can you upload that please

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