Sword Saint Adel’s Second Chance

Blind swordmaster Adel personally put an end to the Great War engulfing the continent in chaos. Though he uses it for good, his strength comes from his horrific past—the gruesome experiments performed on him and the countless battles to the death to prove his worth. It was the gentle compassion of Princess Euphinia that saved him, and Adel meant it fiercely when he swore to be by her side forever. So now, even with the war won, he bitterly rues his failure to protect her when it mattered most.

Adel would give anything for a second chance to make things right, and he’s in luck. A mysterious being is about to offer him one wish, and he knows exactly what to ask for. He instantly finds himself transported to the past…as a beautiful woman! Prepared to make use of both his old abilities as a swordmaster and his newfound power as a Saint, Adel now leaps into action to change the course of history and save his beloved Princess Euphinia!

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Comments 9

  • It’s a less shitty version of his other work. Same type of storytelling, same plot devices, and similar premise. But the story itself is slightly better than the other one.

  • finished volume 2 and while there isn’t anything super deep, it’s still a pretty fun read and the main plot have some intrigue. couldn’t really get into “Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire”, but i like the FMC here a lot more.

  • The point was that his/her Princes said so too.
    Not giving away Pudding and also joining the School or whatever with her.

    Her hatred towards the church isnt a big that he/she would risk the relationship with the princess

  • I finished reading the first volume and my earlier complain ends up being inconsequential soooo you can ignore it if you want, I still stand by it and it is bad writing but nonetheless inconsequential…. Also I loved a line that goes kinda “now that I’ve become a woman I’m superior in every way” it makes sense in context but it’s a hilarious line. Def reading a new volume

  • I came in with 0 expectations and this still managed to disappoint me. To be fair I thought it was quite good but the writing was inconsistent.

    So the MC says that he will serve only the princess and that the church is corrupt and terrible and basically made him suffer and the princess all his previous life so when he’s just about to pledge his service to the princess, deux ex machina church representative shows up and says they have a monopoly on saints so MC has to come over shutting MC down over and over. MC answers that she’s not a saint and that she will get rid of her divine beast but everyone tells her she can’t and despite her making a big deal earlier on in the story that the contract with the divine beast was temporary and that she will do exactly what she’s saying she’s going to do at that moment, throwing all previous established motivations out the window MC walk everything back and agrees to be under the church.

    What the actual F, I was enjoying it but this is terrible writing is not even as if she thinks she’s infiltrating she genuinely thinks she’s their subordinate.

  • I’m starting to feel like this author likes gender bender MCs lol Also why is the gender bender tag not on there?

  • A weirdly wholesome power-tripping read of fluffy cute and “all is and will be well” vibes so far with Vol 1

    Writing is decent, eyes unbleeding. Cringe is mild, combat is furious.
    There is fluffy ears and tail as well.

    All in all, a Cute out of Fluff.

  • Already like it more than Reborn To Master The Blade

  • same author as “Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire”, and it’s a fun read for a new entry.

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