Secrets of the Silent Witch


Monica Everett, the Silent Witch, is the only mage in the world who can use unchanted magecraft, a true hero who singlehandedly defeated a legendary black dragon. However, this young genius is actually…super-duper shy! That’s right: She learned to cast spells silently just to avoid speaking in public, and despite her power, she has zero self-confidence. Now Monica has been tasked with secretly guarding the second prince. Can she keep it together as she faces both the evil forces targeting the prince and the terrors of social interaction?

Associated Names
Silent Witch

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Tragedy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1- 4.5 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Volume 4.5

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Comments 18

  • I read some of the webnovel a year or so ago, and while it starts out kinda good (content-wise there should be at least 8 light novel volumes from it, if not more iirc), the mc started to irritate me with her stupid decisions. What was the final straw for me was (vague spoilers warning I guess) her giving up an advantage she had because she got threatened with something, and as a result she got taken captive by someone significantly weaker. The foolish decisions of the mc and situations constantly leading to her being the damsel in distress (shoujo classic), while she is one of the strongest mages out there (and she’s improving even!) were just too much for me.
    As such, I won’t be attempting to read the light novel.

    • The reviews on Novelupdates also say more or less the same. It goes to show how shoujo novels really are, and whether that’s a good thing or not is up to the reader themselves.

      • Yeah, if someone doesn’t like a protagonist with severe trauma due to her father being burned alive right in front of her as a little kid and not being able acting like a hero but an ordinary person with PTSD should stay away from this.

        Personally I really love it because each volume her social anxiety becomes a tiny little bit better.

        • Nah dude. That’s some weak ass excuse for prolonging it for so long. Though I agree with the fact that she’s an ordinary person, however, I believe that she’s not so ordinary that she has to stay that way forever. Almost all Shoujo novels would always retain their premise of being entertaining but full of flaws because apparently the MC was needed to be as incompetent and so on just for the sake of it.

          Grow some damn ass spine, idiot. There are better examples out there to speak better about what I’m talking about, so let out your hair. What’s with the lame bangs? Can’t see shit with all that getting in the way. The novel ain’t so bad if you just close your eyes for some points and carry on. Love what you want dude. No one’s getting in your way.

  • In the dark pdf version there’s somehow spy classroom vol.5
    just a weird find, lmao

  • A rather okay to decent read. (Up to Vol 4 read)
    7.4 / 10 on a non-IGN Scale.

    The characters feel like characters, even if stereotypical with some red herrings thrown in.

    It is a decently written story so far, though it seems like there are a few too many side-plots and assorted “could go real bad” relationships getting introduced.

    The MC has put all her points into actual social anxiety, and it is highly likely that “bad stuff, but good end” will happen a lot due to that “tragedy” tag for the LN being mostly correct.

  • when will volume 4 updated?

  • Monica is a very endearing protagonist, and her characterization as “beyond socially inept” perfectly justifies the “Oblivious MC” thing so many novels do these days with romance plots. She’s earnest, talented, and oh so very flawed, but she grows through the series in to a new person. No plot points are far fetched, and the supporting cast of characters is pleasantly varied and distinct. If you don’t need fantasy bombast to hold you attention, and aren’t annoyed by glaring flaws that don’t really go away, Absolutely give this one a read.

  • In complete difference to most comments here I really like this. The story is about an MC who got abused as a child and sufferes under severe social anxiety. The story revolves around how she is forced on a mission and slowly gets better by meeting friendly people who help her out and care for her so she gains some trust back. Somehow most comments didn’t get that.
    The writing is well done, the story is slice of life. Nothing special but some neat ideas and well executed.

  • mediocre at best, the cliché are so overused that its boring at best. There is some boring buildup for the prince “the puppet”, the characters are all cardboard cuts without any real development. The Romance tag is a foreshadowing of the prince and the witch. The prince as of Ln 3 more or less says that the Silent witch is his first love, even if he basically only saw her 3 times, but her magic while fighting the black dragon and the 24 Wyverns was so great that he wants to see more of it and if he becomes King he can order her/him (yeah he dosnt knows if the witch is male or female at the same time he says its his first love?!?) to spend time with him/her. Politics, magic all get mixed up and thrown around for the fight of the throne and the Duke what “controls” the puppet. The puppet (Prince) wants his own life blah blah blah. You get told that there is the first prince and the second prince (Puppet) faction and get told that the first prince doesn’t even wants the throne (?) so much outside interference from other kingdoms that you really wonder what the 7 Sages do all day beside lazing around. There are so many holes in this thing that you might get serious anger mngt. issues if you think to much about it.

    • The name of the Silent Witch is known to the public and it’s a female name, Monica Everett, also the 2nd prince has a “crush” on her because her deeds were that impressive and the 2nd Prince always was interested in magic but was forbidden from studying it. Granted, there seems(!) to be no real reason for his evil grandfather, who is the bad guy of the story, to actually forbid it – as of now.

      The sentence with the “he doesn’t know wether she is male or female” was an error. The author got a bit irritated because of the Witch of Thorns who is actually a guy but calls himself witch, anyway. I guess the author wanted to play a bit with the genders since it’s popular but only “explained” such unnecessary stuff in a sentence and just tumbled.

      And there are several errors like this showing how poorly LN’s are edited in Japan (and even after translation, this is not just here but happens very often and I agree it is annoying, one should expect that such things are fixed for the commercial LN version and you rarely see such errors in ordinary novels). For example another mistake was that in Vol. 3 Monica supposedly could only use two spells at a time while in Vol. 2 there was a dialogue where she clearly stated she can chant and keep up 10 spells at once.

      So up to the end of Vol. 3 there is still lots of room for speculation why the 2nd prince’s grandfather wants to conquer certain countries or if the assassination attempts of those countries are just a reaction to that threat or if they bear ill will, anyway.

      There is some foreshadowing that the puppet prince really has no choice for whatever reason and has to do whatever his grandfather says, since his star can’t be read for ten years, already. Maybe something like a curse was put on him? He was a weak “useless” child who couldn’t do anything but transformed into a model athlete, fighter and so on during that time.

      The seven sages specialize in different kinds of magecraft, not all are fighters. One is a star reader, one specializes in making magic artifacts and so on. The one’s who can fight, along with the dragon knights, are busy protecting cities and killing monsters. They are not spies. The country is officially at peace with the neighboring places, after all. Who is fighting is doing it in secret, many noble factions against others and the same seems to count for the other countries as well.

      • Oh, and as addition, I don’t think there ever will be any romance.
        In Vol. 1 and 2 my bet still was on Cyril and not on Prince Felix. But when Monica and Felix became a bit closer (sleeping half naked in the same bed in Vol. 3) it only left the Prince as option but the Prince is a sl*t who sleeps around with wh*res so my bet is on the “siblings in spirit”-route. Also the prince is partly an as*hole who toys with / teases Monica.

        Also I doubt the series will be long enough to completely heal her social anxiety so she won’t be able to have a real romance in the first place.

  • When will volume 2 be updated?

  • Someone said “this one is good” so I’m giving it a go. Still reading it but I’m already disappointed with it going the (boring) route of cliché otome stuff. So high school life centered around the student council members (and co). The girl is super shy but never runs away even though she easily could. It doesn’t really make sense. Her not running is (badly) explained away with her worrying over things that don’t even come close to the dread she’s constantly experiencing with social interactions.

    Well I do feel for the girls so I guess there’s that.

    • I finished it; I think. Yeah I did. LOL had to dig deep there for a bit. I don’t have anything to add to what I predicted the story to be like as it did just that, no twists or anything. Anyway lets get to the grading part: 5.6/10. Solid within the mediocre bracket just a little more enjoyable than most in the mediocre bracket.

  • Why is there a romance tag for it?

  • this one is good
    the setup is actually amazing
    it reminds me a lot of Apocathery diaries for some reason but the mc is totally different

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