Peddler in Another World: I Can Go Back to My World Whenever I Want!

After quitting his job at a toxic company, Shiro Amata moves into the house his grandmother left him in her will. There, he soon makes two life-changing discoveries: one, his grandmother was really a witch from another world, and two, said other world is just on the other side of her closet door! Thanks to a book she left for Shiro, he also manages to obtain an all-powerful skill called “Equivalent Exchange,” which allows him to turn money from his world into otherworldly currency and vice versa.

With this, Shiro decides to set up shop and sell convenient items like matches to the colorful inhabitants of the other world. His plan: make a massive profit on the goods he brings from home to become so rich that he never needs another job ever again!

Associated Names
I can always go home, started a peddler in a different world
Itsudemo Jitaku ni Kaereru Ore wa, Isekai de Gyoushounin wo Hajimemashita
Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life

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Official J-Novel Club

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Comments 26

  • Damn author , i didn’t ask for the onion ninjas … !

  • man it’s piss me off so much with how the mc keep saying the “dramom” name are temporary nickname yet didn’t give any sign of him going to really name her something else

  • So I had to come back here after reading the manga and starting the LN, I like the characters, I like the mayor, the “boss” fairy, I even like the bunny girl receptionist from the guild, her antics and how simple she is.

    Then I started reading vol 4 and oh god… Those little sisters… How is it possible tolerate them?
    How can you lack that much respect, understanding or decency toward your own brother? They’re not even bothered to do any kind of work for themselves!
    Is this supposed to be cute? Or because they call their brother “onii-chan” or “nii-nii” in Japanese we’re supposed to let it go?

    If they weren’t girls or even related to the hero, a normal behavior toward that kind of characters would be “stay the f away from me!” or to let them meet the harsh reality by themselves, but noooooooo they’re little sisters, so of course the hero has to bend himself for them, I wouldn’t be bothered if they disappeared by some miracle from the series.
    It’s making me want to drop it despite me really enjoying it so far.

    • Don’t worry, as stated below this sister mayem is only for vol. 4. After that everything is back to normal.

  • Any chance to get volume 5 Pdf uploaded, it has been 4 weeks since it came out. And how about volume 4 it’s been months and still no PDF.

  • now im no economy but he’s basically using counterfeit money here right? now if you know how your money works, you know what counterfeits gonna do, how’s the magic decide the serial number anyway?

  • Any updates to when vol 5 is up?

  • I disagree with the comments about the twin-sisters in vol. 4. Yes, they are bratty teenagers and a bit annoying at times. But they’re still not half as bad as the bunny girl from the guild. Since they just got introduced they have a lot of “screentime” but they are still supporting characters. In exchange the fairy “boss” almost didn’t appear at all (and she can be a bit annoying as well at times). So I guess in future volumes the story will focus more on other characters again and switch a lot between them.

    Characters like bunny girl, the fairy or the twins are exaggerated comic relief for the most part. However they do have their serious moments when it counts. I can understand that those exaggerations can get on one’s nerves, however such characters exist in almost all LN’s.

    The story of vol. 4 itself is as great as former parts, I was constantly on edge who Celes really was, a good or a bad gurl?

    • To add to this, the twins, who annoyed some readers in vol. 4, don’t play a part in vol. 5 at all. They’re mentioned but vol. 5 plays in the capital. So I was right about the “screentime” they got because they were new characters in vol. 4. And I believe the more side characters appear, several new one’s in vol. 5, the less certain ones will get “screentime” in the future.

      I really enjoyed vol. 5, the evil people were really, really bad and mean so there was much suspension. Sadly, it was only mentioned what happened to one of them and not if the others were executed or what?

      • Vol. 6, oh my I really love this series so much, it is in my all time top 5 now. While vol. 5 was a thriller vol. 6 is more about relaxed city building, very nice contrast. The “annoying” sisters, again, didn’t play any meaningful role and were mentioned once or twice at the end, as I predicted. However the ending was a tearjerker and something big was revealed (I kinda had guessed that revelation already, though).

        PS: I really would love to adopt Aina!

  • came here after reading about 20% into volume 4 to see if anyone else find the sisters unbearable, guess I wasn’t. Like RH’s comment, i enjoyed the first 3 volumes despite some of the silly moments/reactions. thought the introduction of sisters might be interesting, but their personality, behaviour, reactions, were are just so annoying. MC and his grandmother’s reaction to them were also really weird and illogical, letting them basically do whatever they want with seemingly no regard for their safety. Maybe it will be revealed later that the grandmother secretly casted some OP protective spells or what so she was nonchalant, but the MC? it makes little sense, since he went through some stuff in that world too. while it was a somewhat silly series to begin with, it was at least somewhat fun. but the sisters just sucked all the fun out of it for me so far and it’s just annoying reading about them, and then MC’s reactions to their behaviour. not sure if it will get better, but my desire to keep reading is so low now. I’ve never seen a series crash so hard. I’ve read a fair share of LN so far and usually the process is more gradual, and usually it’s just because things are stale and boring. but from being a somewhat enjoyable/fun read to immediately becoming annoying to read over a few chapters, that’s a first for me.

  • Premium version of volume 3 when?

  • I enjoyed the first 3 novels. It’s an average story but it was fun to read anyway.

    This is my opinion and may not bother everyone.

    The problem is that the 4th novel is horrendous. I’m currently reading it as it’s translated in jnovel. His two sisters basically become the main characters. They are annoying as hell. Maybe the most annoying characters I’ve come across. I’ve read close to 1000 light novels and there are plenty that have bad writing in general… But this book is the first where a character is so outlandishly annoying that it’s unreadable. His sisters are a single character the way they are written.

    • In my opinion it is unfair to rate an official translation on basis of a fan-translation. There is usually leagues between them because the official translations change things for reading benefits while the fan translation tries to be as close to the original as possible even if it results in horrible contents.

      So I would just wait how vol. 4 of the official translations turns out. I wouldn’t wonder of those sisters are not half as annoying or get much less space. Also it doesn’t mean that vol. 5 wouldn’t be back on track.

      • j novel club is not a fan translation. This is just one of those many light novels they licensed for translation and release digitally by the chapter that someone else releases compiled volumes and physical copies for them. There are others light novels with this style of arrangement as well. Like Grimgar for example. J Novel Club is the one doing the translation typically for both releases though so not much is likely to change upon physical release. Volume 5 and on might improve again, but don’t expect volume 4 to be better after Seven Seas releases it.

  • A perfectly average 5/10 series, all the characters are pretty bland 1 note jokes and rhe way their brain works is always a hit iffy to make the plot happen, but it’s still fun that that trashy isekai sort of way wre the mc solves problems and helps out people.

    I mean yeah irs comfy and I finished the first volume but I felt bad after doing it, like I’d just wasted my time haha there’s a lot of other trashy isekai and SOL stories you could be reading instead of this, but welp idk of the art catches your eye it’s not the worst thing out there haha.

  • Pregunta.
    La novela quedo solo en el capitulo 53 o63?
    No existe actualizacion de la misma o fue abandonada por el autor?

    La cuestion es que el manga creo que ya paso la novela aparte de las claras diferencias entre las 2.

  • Really nice and chill read. It tries well with some suspense moments but you always know, everything will turn out fine.

    MC is not a fighter (so far?) but seems pretty cool-headed despite that in dire situations. Reading up on bear spray, though I’m wondering how effective it really would be against monster bears since it is supposed to be even weaker than pepper spray. But that’s just a very minor nuisance.

    The story also promises some very interesting developments for Vol. 2 and hopefully we’ll meet the immortal witch not so far in the future.

    • How does this compare to ‘Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement’?

      • They’re completely different. 80,000 Gold is a parody of the isekai genre and pure comedy. A typical Funa.
        Peddler on the other hand is very down to earth, comfortable, sometimes a bit silly sometimes very serious, mostly heartwarming.

  • the cover, title, tags, probably tells you everything you need to know already. not mindblowingly good or a must read, but if you have nothing else to read and just want something chill, it’s aight. easy enough to go through, and there are some points that makes me interested to see how the story progresses.

  • The final boss of the LN is the IRS.

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