Easygoing Territory Defense by the Optimistic Lord Production Magic Turns a Nameless Village into the Strongest Fortified City

Van, fourth son of a marquis, is just a toddler when he realizes he’s been reincarnated. Thanks to his literal lifetime of knowledge, he’s raised as a child prodigy–until his production magic manifests, and it’s the last thing his snooty mage family wants to see! His disappointed father banishes him to a podunk town on the verge of collapse, yet Van can only see the place’s potential. Can our hero’s bastion of battlements build a better life than battle magic ever could?!

Associated Names
A Carefree Lord’s Fun Defense of the Territory: Making an Unnamed Village the Strongest Fortified City with Production Magic
Fun Territory Defense of the Easy-Going Lord ~The Nameless Village Is Made Into the Strongest Fortified City by Production Magic~
Okiraku Ryousyu no Tanoshii Ryouchibouei ~ Seisan-kei Majutsu de Na mo naki Mura wo Saikyou no Jousai Toshi ni~

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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Comments 9

  • Volume 2 is as good as vol. 1. The first chapter was a bit off-putting after the long break between volumes but once that was over it was really enjoyable. While the MC has this “Minecraft” (Construction Magic) Powers and can alter the physical structure of materials (making wood stronger than iron) the only problem I still have is the amount of materials needed. He basically can build a whole town with a few dozen trees. For some reason that makes it harder to believe for me. I mean, I regularly play building video games and you usually need a lot of materials.

    Besides that I really enjoy that so much is happening all at once in the story, no “easygoing” territory defense at all. A dungeon is found, the neighbouring country started an invasion and so on. Lots to do for our little MC.

  • Volume 2 released on digital today! When can we expect it on here?

  • The volume 1 is broken for me.
    Can download the file for pc, but instantly gone and unacessible after doing any copy/paste operation to the file.

  • Read up to Vol 1

    Decent read.

    MC is not dense or airheaded, more going towards the “Mature Mind/Behavior” trope along with the “Technically learned, but not internalized the world´s common sense” behavior.
    Writing and characters are mostly decent, with the exception of the MC´s immediate family members. Those are either very one-dimensional or just not fully described other than apparent delusion.

    The pacing feels off for the village/general development, but again, writing and characters are quite decent.

    My sole gripe is that the MC was decreed “useless” by his father AFTER being a literal child prodigy in knowledge and sword-fighting because MC did not have attack/offensive magic.
    Instead, MC has literal minecraft-inspired crafting magic. Its a known and niche magic, but the MC seems to be able to compensate a lot by having reincarnated knowledge, thus enabling him to do a lot better than anyone else with that crafting magic.

    Harem building occurs, though it is mostly a “yeah, we should ally by marriage” thing and not a “lusting for little girls” trope.

    Good enough read.

  • I dont know if this is good, bad or just decent.

    But for the love of our ancestors, please stop with the excessive titles that spell out the premise.
    Just use a random word generator and slap a three word title on the thing or something.

    • There’s actually a reason why all these LN titles are long.

      There’s a distinguished website where most authors publish their Light/Web Novels.
      However, that website doesn’t have the courtesy of including a summary/synopsis section, so authors have to get creative and put the general plot in the title to attract readers.

      • Oh dear.
        That seems finicky.
        Its a shame, because the long titles make me sleepy, despite some LN being decent enough.

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