The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash 

In Ivy’s world, stars are everything. She’s a Tamer, born to subdue monsters and animals, but she was also born starless! With her life in danger, Ivy flees into the forest where she befriends a weak little slime named Sora–the one creature she can tame. Together, the unlikely pair set off on a journey, salvaging rubbish to survive. Along the way they’ll win hearts, evade danger, and discover there’s more to starless Ivy than meets the eye!

Associated Names
Saijaku Tamer wa Gomihiroi no Tabi wo Hajimemashita.
The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick up Trash.

Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 6

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  • Volume 6 finally explains (vaguely) how monster drops happen. When monsters are in an area with stuff that hold magic, like a dump with lots of magic tools, they somehow suck up that magic and mutate into stronger, bigger, more aggressive monsters. When killed some of them “drop” magic stuff like rings. It’s not explained how they drop it, spit it out or poop it out, and I wonder how that works with bigger stuff like swords or shields, because the mutated carcass remains and the items are found next to them.

    Else, the current volume is a nice relaxing “winter holiday” story and Ivy gets a new slime companion, Sol, who is the offspring of Flame. The interesting thing about Sol is, that it stays with them but doesn’t want to get tamed. I’m afraid that in the end it won’t really matter if it is tamed or not else it could make for some interesting developments.

  • Vol 6’s early digital’s out when update please 😊

  • Anyone find vol 5? It’s been out since the 30th but I can’t find it anywhere

  • if only she has aslime named SUI

  • It’s been over a month. Could we get volume 3 PDF’s please.

  • This is a heartwarming relaxing story. I generally like it a lot but the author is horrible at world-building, one of the main pillars of the whole story makes no sense at all. The MC feeds her slime with potions, potions are expensive and difficult to make yet she finds them by the dozen at the dump because people throw them away before they go bad. But why? Everyone there owns magic storage bags with time-stop… The MC herself actually uses such bags to preserve the potions (since vol. 3).

    Everything in the world is depending on how many stars of a certain profession one is born with. Basically there is no free choice what someone can become. But, in some cases it’s totally okay to do something different and be succesful at it, in other cases there isn’t and it’s impossible to work for example as a carpenter without the skill star, there is absolutely no logic behind all this. (You theoretically can work as a carpenter but everything you make will automatically be destroyed after two weeks).

    The story at least tries to explain why people throw stuff like swords away, because monsters drop them so it’s easier to just replace them instead of having them repaired. However that explanation must have been made up by the author on that spot because until then no monster ever dropped anything, there is also no clear destinction between monster and animal in the first place. I think at least such things should have been rewritten for the light novel version.

    Also, “everyone” (except the one’s who aren’t) is too nice to Ivy. Sure, she is a little kid so they might feel protective however they also don’t talk to her or treat her like a small child otherwise. The whole way people interact with her just doesn’t feel realistic to me. However I admit it’s nice to read about people who are so nice and caring.

    To the comment who thinks it’s too dangerous for Ivy to travel alone, why? Ivy has one of the strongest monsters in the world at her side. Also she does in fact get a human companion in vol. 3, since it’s a 30something guy I personally am not too happy about it, especially since he can’t fight well anymore, anyways. People just suggested she gets a companion because they thought she travels alone and is defenseless.

  • I was reading the WN enjoy its slice of life aspect …. Until the end of the kidnaping arc …. Its just the decision of adventuring byherself and rejecting offer from people that she can trust is really weird … I mean imagine if u are reincarante as a child, then u just experience kidnaping incident that u need help to clear it, …. And then u gonna decide to adventure by urself even with what happen? Its just a really weird, if its more realistic then i can imagine the mc got kidnapped by other bad people right away (since the mc dont have physical/special to protect herself when its come to physical force)

  • Read the first volume.
    I have no idea about the WN.

    It reads pretty decently, though there is a good bit of sad/antagonism towards the MC mixed in between pretty decent Slice of life and interesting plot-things.

    So far, its definitely NOT earned the tragedy tag anytime soon, and its generally more of a go-lucky experience, similar to “I will never set foot in this house again” LN (or what that name was).

  • the WN was awesome, until i realized the story was getting a bit too long after 150 chapters. there is no hint it will be ending soon, and keep on going and honestly after much chapters I just kind of exhausted and when i look back on total chapters it had, what kind of plot future chapters will be, I re-think about it and decide to just drop it, it was good and fun read ngl.

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