Reincarnated as the Last of My Kind

A bicycle crashes into me one night, and the next thing I know, I’m a baby?!

Getting reincarnated in another world populated by humans, demi-humans, and mythical beasts is certainly not the turn I thought my life was going to take. I especially didn’t expect to be carried off by a wolf and given into the care of a one-armed former knight! Now I’m trying to repay him by rebuilding the family inn and healing his arm with alchemy. But the more time passes, the more it becomes clear to me that I’m not actually human…

Associated Names –
Tensei Shitara Zetsumetsu Sunzen no Kishou Shuzokudeshita

Genre –
Fantasy, Reincarnation, Slice of Life, Shoujo

Translation Group
Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1-6 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 6

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  • Just finished vol 3 and it was scuffed and weird here and there but still fun of course. Has some parts that are fairly realistic or at the very least sensible and apt pace of progression or so, though also has some parts that are nonsensical and confusing, at least for me they were.

    Example of the scuffed and weird stuff is the creature that is “MujiMuji” with how it looks as an infant from how it is apparently really is and when it is an adult, kinda a far cry from each other if you ask me.

    As for the the realism and sensible parts, the pace is one though some parts may be a bit skewed? Idk. But in general, it feels just right, doesn’t really time skip so much as most of the others usually does, instead taking it fairly slow and steady most of the time whilst not taking too long that it just ends up boring or dull.

    In any case, it has its cons and pros but generally enjoyable and a fairly good novel I think. The Author seems to also have a good grasps of where the story is supposed to go and end. Pretty good marks in my books for as of now.

  • Lmao, just look how the eyes of the wolf relative to the muzzle are drawn

    It’s fkin Picasso, lmfao

    • That’s a 3rd eye. Look closely you could see the upper part of the 2nd eye where it’s supposed to be.

    • It has three eyes, you can see the actual right eye just barely peeking over the muzzle. The middle eye looks wonky because it’s a middle eye

  • This story has a pretty good take of realism. The story also has a visible time progression. For example, in volume 1, there had been a couple introduced in the story. Their implied children were then added on volume 2. That is pretty rare nowadays as most novels do incoherent time skips.

    • Realism my ass. What friggin’ swords and magic fantasy story has vaccines in it, syringes and all. Not to mention the ability to detect so called viruses (if you still believe in germ theory which has been disproven btw) you would need something like an electron microscope. Ugh that was really off-putting.

      Do you know how often I had “this author is a moron” moments?
      – She makes soap but doesn’t want to cut the large block in smaller blocks with a knife meant for food prep. Later yeah soap is useful to do the dishes…
      – Author calls city states countries, it’s kind of a mess. As it turns out later on the whole world only has city states.
      – There is much more but I forced my brain to forget about it 😛

      Also what’s kind of vexing is that everything seems to require alchemy. Paper is made with alchemy, soap yup also made with alchemy (I’ve seen it made in Naked an Afraid but here alchemy), ink also alchemy, gunpowder (yeah they have gunpowder and pseudo guns) also alchemy…

  • Vol 3 publication date is October 25, 2021.
    Additionally Vol 1 has been released as an audiobook with Vol 2 to be released mid november.

  • when is vol. 3 coming out?

  • Main Download link is down; “Error: The page you are looking for ‘/XU0zs’ seems to be only acess by specific referrals only.”

  • The MC is an elf or a vampire?

  • thanks ziggs, sometimes i just want to punch the artist when they are clearly being an ass

    • Sorry about this, I want to make a correction to what I siad earlier. Later in the story, the MC gets longer ears, but in the beginning it just seems wierd that the art shows her with long ears but is described as “human”. Some of the art before the long ears are revealed has the ears covered by hair, so I just made the assumption of “long ears”

  • So something that I’ve noticed that I wanted to share. The art doesnt reflect whats written, and it makes things confusing sometimes.
    Ex. The MC is shown to have long ears in the art (similar to an elf, but her race is not an elf) but the book describes her unmistakably as a human.
    Another example is how the father is described vs shown. He is said to be older with a beard, but in the art he’s clean shaven.

    Dont trust the art of this book, it’s miss leading and will just confuse you

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